Video: Re-Release: My extremely angry Boer letter to Simon Roche of the Suidlanders

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I’ve said angry things in the past, but this is the angriest of the lot! This is an email I wrote to Simon Roche of the Suidlanders last week and I copied Brian Ruhe. This is my honest, brutal assessment of Simon and the organisation he represents. I call him a traitor to Boers. But I say much much more.

35 thoughts on “Video: Re-Release: My extremely angry Boer letter to Simon Roche of the Suidlanders”

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    1. My AfricanCrisis website was hacked several times. I’m expecting it to happen here too.

      There are some measures you can take, but not many. It also depends on your hosting provider.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Please explain. Is Peter Hammond in with the Jews? Or are you referring to Jamie Glazov? Please send links.

  3. Simon Roche once you work for the beasts you are a beast. washing boys feet for years and now you want to come eat at my table .seriously its a case of of who feeds the zoo info .

    1. I agree with you. On the Suidlanders website they state that Simon Roche ACKNOWLEDGED the error of his ways and that being Christians they have to forgive him. And that already is their big error. They’re letting an enemy agent right into their midst.

  4. One other thing, Jan. Besides the Jewboys, a shitful of money is coming from the Indian, Arab and Pakistani Muslims that are flooding this country through Durban to support ANC and other Marxist entities. Durban’s overrun.
    These elements are shitstirrers of the first order. They are opportunists of the highest degree and will side with whomever they think is winning like jakkals circling the lion,s kill.
    I’m in the winter of my life and I have nothing to lose. As I’ve stated many times, I’ve died before and I’ve returned and they can kill me and kill me again but I’ll come back to give them what’s owed to them. Death hold no terror for me so if there’s anything I can do in my small humble way to assist, please let me know. I’ve talked to my son, who looks after me, and we’ve decided that we will subscribe but that’s the least I can do. I know I can do more. Just let me know.
    They have no authority and they have no power.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Anton,
      Thanks so much for your comments and support. I’ll send you an email.

      I get very little support from South Africa. Only 2 have ever donated anything in the 2+ years since I’ve been at this. The rest of my little support base are non-South Afrians.

      I like your comments re: Durban.
      The Indians and others will indeed, as you say, side with whomever seems to be winning. Slime balls all of them.
      I was unaware that they were pumping money into the country.

  5. Very impressive Jan. You confirmed my own gut feelings about this organization having had previous experience with infiltration of the AWB at the highest level.
    I agree with you 100% about standing firm in the face of adversity. It is better to die free than to be made to kowtow to the wishes of your enemy. I suggest this same attitude in the writings I sent you “The Truth of the Matter”.
    Iknow quite a few okes here in Durban (my son included) that are willing to stand and deliver retribution when needed and they are all down to the ground working ous. None of them are moneyed in any way. All the rich larnies in Durban are a bunch of traitorous bastards whose bottom line is their money and their own skins. Unfortunately many of them are Afrikaans as well and like to bandy about De La Rey, De la Rey.
    I’ve always stated that organizations like the Suidlanders are naturally suspect because the first thing that the Marxist Edomite-Jews do when getting wind of a movement or organization that purports to help whits determination is to apply their millennia old dialectic of, “infiltrate, subvert and subjugate”.
    Jan, I have no gun and no way of obtaining one legally so the only recourse that I would have in a desperate situation is to use my knife, my rapier and my fists. Too many people allow themselves to be intimidated by these hyenas. White people have succumbed to the inherent African intimidation tactic and this just puts them in such a much more worse situation than ever before.

    1. Excellent thanks. I am aware of them and have friends who know them. I think their only weakness is to not call out the Jews. But otherwise they are great.

  6. Jan check out this young youtuber “The White Rose” she just did a video with Roche 15 hrs ago. She was born in South Africa, parents escaped to Europe. She also did a good and graphic video a week ago about white situation in SA.

    1. Thanks Roy. Yes I see she’s done a number of videos with Simon. Glad she’s doing good work for the whites. Nice to see the next generation standing up. Its awesome actually.

  7. Hi Jan

    I am on linux, and Video 1 is giving me a “No Video with supported format and MIME type found” message
    but in Windows I can play it..

    I have no problem with


    1. Jaco this is a strange one. There is something I can check. I do have linux. I must look into this issue. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Hey Jan, video 1 worked best for me in Canada, small shudder at start of video 2. Not surprised with paypal, seen this before with others (((They))) have made you a priority! THANKYOU for calling out the Suidlanders, many of us felt this in our gut when (((THAT))) station introduced them to North America and I don`t mean Brian. Expect info on options coming soon. ROY

    1. Hi Roy,
      Nice to get your comments and feedback on the videos. I’ll need to monitor it as we pick up speed. Video is heavy on resources. I’ll keep asking now and then as traffic picks up because I don’t have a definitive tool to measure it. But my goal is to make this work, come hell or high water!

      Now which station are you referring to when you say (((THAT)))? I’d appreciate knowing which one. Well over here quite a lot of people are angry with me for calling out the Suidlander leadership. But I have to speak my mind. We’ll revisit some of these topics. A subscriber in Germany was telling me a fascinating story of how Germans are being fooled using a similar trick to that being used on the Boers.

      What bothers me the most Roy is that these people, by running around North America are also telling YOU FOLKS THERE WHO SUPPORT US that our cause is lost. This is pure BS. Our cause is NOT LOST. Just yesterday I was in the middle of Johannesburg chatting to a black guy and I observed the blacks around us. I was one of few whites in the vicinity. I’m telling you, the game is NOT over for whites anywhere, no matter how outnumbered we are. NEVER buy into this surrendering BS. If Hitler were alive he’d punch the Suidlander leadership in their mouths like he wanted to do to his commanding officer in WW1. He would never have tolerated such defeatist BS. I observe life here CLOSE UP and I’m telling you that anyone who claims its game over for us here is talking out of his ass. We’ve not even begun to resist or stand our ground. We’re far from finished.

      1. Jan thanks for the response. I am on the same page as you on the situation and the response needed, my background is military. I dealt will these people in NE Africa, also all across the Middle East including ((( THEM ))). All these people have both a biological hatred/fear complex always stand your ground with them ” the only approach ever.
        The station I am referring to is Renegade Broadcasting. I have been watching things for a long time, many people “HIGH PROFILE” people in this so called movement know or feel the same thing. I went through this same bullshit with ((( EVALION ))) and they have all been connected from the start, at least back this time 2016. Everyone turn your back on these people, they are here to divide, not construct what is needed! Exactly like the Suidlanders!
        Well I`ve poked the beez nest now but it needs to be said, subject is not up for debate or discussion from this point on. We all have work to do, you especially and I wish I could do more but Swear I will help you from here as much as can Bruder.

          1. Canadian military when got out I was going to join SADF in 84 then PM Trudeau passed a Law that if a CDN joined the SADF he would throw us in prison, commie! Transcripts have leaked out here that when Mugabe was getting ready wipe out that Tribe in Zimbabwe the consulate warned him in advance, his response silence! What was that 30,000 BLACK men, women and children, but we name airports, parks and a mountain after him our own “Uncle Joe”. This was actually on the Commie CBC News Website I`m sure they have removed by now but you never know in the last month or two. Hang in there Jan.

    2. Ok Roy now your comments are making sense. So you think that Renegade is doing negative stuff hey? Yes, they are behind the Simon Roche thing. Tell me more about your concerns over EVALION.

      1. I always make sense Jan I`m NS, I say what I mean and mean what I say! Yes many of us feel that way about Renegade Broadcasting don`t we, “Oh Wait, Oh Wait” I hear the call of the Springbok the Wolf the Raven the Blackbird and on and on and on and on. Did I make you laugh?
        On Veronica “Evalion” that is a open wound for me still, I supported her and she turned out to be a abused mixed race “native Indian” girl suffering from mental illness, and alcoholism “native gene” ask our mutual friend about her. I still care for her, I think she knows that but she is a Traitor but the screaming Harpy is guilty of more, as well as a party in the Veronica chapter.
        Jan get a bitcoin wallet if you can and I can not continue talking like this “THEY” watch. I have a friend who will set up a secure system for me soon and we can go from there. Our mutual friend can be the go between if you have any other ideas, concerns, suggestions or wishes. I enjoy this its good for the young ones but I do not do this to entertain or for profit “plenty of those around.”
        I will make short comments on any new uploads at times but until I have a secure format I will go through our mutual friend on detailed matters.
        14/88 Bruder Roy

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