Video: We Jews own EVERYTHING! – JEWS103A: When Jewish Chameleons boast

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Here I have film footage of a Jew boasting about what they own! This is a follow-up video to my original one: “JEWS103: When Jewish Chameleons boast”. In there I discussed what my Jewish pals said to me years ago. What this Jew says on TV is very similar to what Jews openly boasted about here in Apartheid South Africa in the 1980s.

8 thoughts on “Video: We Jews own EVERYTHING! – JEWS103A: When Jewish Chameleons boast”

  1. The only solution for the Jews is to exterminated the Jews, the Jews are a cancer when you have a cancer you have to cut it out. I don’t even hate the Jews but they are too devious and sneaky for my liking they don’t learn from there mistakes. All countries including minority countries should declare war on Israel and kill all Jews.

    1. That was a genuine exchange. In fact someone sent me a longer version. I will put it up then you see how it ended. What happened to the wrestler Steve Austin is exactly what happened to me many times. I’ll explain in the followup video I’ll do shortly about this.

  2. He is not just a wrestler! He is Stone Cold Steve Austin! 😀

    I’ve realized that anti-semitism is just another term for anti-communism ..

    I am done with these jews, gonna get a swastika tattoo.. lol

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