Video: Re-Release: Sugar = Cancer Suicide by Sugar

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This is about health tips from my Boer doctor and also discussions with a friend who is extremely fitness and health conscious. I talk about the fact that Cancer LOVES sugar. I also talk about the “Wonder drug” Vitamin D (It’s a hormone actually) and how it boosts your immune system massively.

2 thoughts on “Video: Re-Release: Sugar = Cancer Suicide by Sugar”

  1. A good listen, thanks Jan for sharing your thoughts and experiences, I have been cutting sugar from my diet for years now and before I did this I was getting colds and the flu at least 4 times per year, now I seldom get a single cold once a year, amazing!

    I am curious though about the weight training you mentioned, the low intensity very heavy weight ratio.

    Thinking about it, all the men of back in the days, including my Dad, they all were and still are super strong, and it boils down to their lifestyle was doing manual labour, picking up and moving very heavy objects and spending time in the sun!

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