Video: Jewish Mind Poison: The End Times

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The most damaging idea that can take hold of any person is the terrible concept of The End Times. For much of my life I believed in this dreadful idea. I was open to Christian prophecy and all other prophecy. I wasted a large part of my life trying to prove all these things true.

The End times must surely be the most damaging idea that ever came from the Jews. It is a psychological warfare that scares and paralyzes people. It has a history of 100% failure and yet it lives on.

I discuss why white people should NEVER entertain this idea and why the future is bright and awesome once you rid yourself of this debilitating idea which rots your brain. We whites have a wonderful future if we stick together. We need nothing else except each other.

Here’s the link to Religious Tolerance where they quote 46 failed end times prophecies:

10 thoughts on “Video: Jewish Mind Poison: The End Times”

  1. Christianity is ultimately about living honestly and is what Jews hate. Jews do everything to undermine God’s order of things, that there’s male and female, black and white people, good and bad. They are against any people seeking the truth, and is why Christians are hated when they are speaking it. Anybody speaking the truth, seeing that there’s an order to things is a problem as it hampers the Jews creating confusion and chaos, their ability to degrade peoples.

  2. This was brutal catharsis for me. 90% of whites are messed up in this way. Especial intelligent and curious people are most vulnerable. Big thank you for this video.

    1. Hi Mark
      Was the video brutal or are you saying you also went through this and then woke up and that it hit you hard?

      1. You precisely articulated what I felt for a long time. It was just like someone came around and start telling you your deepest secrets, convictions, regrets,… Relaxed like he is having a snack 🙂
        I’m slightly above your age, same profession, gender (I wonder what % of your audience are women; we need them badly…) and I did PRECISELY SAME BLUNDERS! Actually, I found you, looking for info about the hollow earth (your 2003 NEXUS presentation is still among the best material one can get. Hat off !). My transformation was similar too. Just I managed to waste a couple of more years than you.

        1. Check “THE BIOLOGICAL JEW” by Eustace Mullins ( here is a good summary ) Comparisons with other parasitic relationships that exist in nature are just stunning. They understand our essence better than ourselves. We are visionary, persistent, individualistic buts still able to excel in a group (if we support the cause). How they were able to turn our visionary into a cult following, persistence into stubbornness and narrow-mindedness, individualism to greed, team players into opportunists? And profit from those transformations.This probably just scratch a surface. Social-sciences are relatively new (already taken over !) disciplines. But those androids had that knowledge for long, long time. Even on instinct level.

          1. Just one more: How are you dealing with your relatives and friends considering your world understandings? Usually, it’s like whispers “He was weird before but since … he went completely bonk”
            Just one more: How are you dealing with your relatives and friends considering your world understandings? Usually, it’s like whispers “He was weird before but since … he went completely bonk”

            You are doing a great work Jan. Hope I will be able to throw some shekels your way soon.

            Let me finish in more positive way. Sometimes, in the morning, I play Léon Degrelle: “We Dreamed of Something Great”. It straights me up and gives me direction.

  3. Jan, would you put Rudolf Steiner in the same category as Blavatsky and E. Cayce? Surely, Rudolf Steiner was a mystic and an esoteric, however, to my knowledge, he was somewhat critical of the joos, who also poisoned him at the end of his life, after they sent arsons to burn down the Goetheanum, that had just been finished. Now, Steiner is a funny character and a strange white man. Although he was very insightful into life in genereal and occult aspects, I think he mind controlled himself to a certain degree, and thus wrote alot of nonsense too, this being a product of his period in theosophical society. However he did break from those people, and started his own branch called anthroposophy, a mixture of german idealism, philosophy and german mysticism. He was poisoned because he took many esoteric knowledge from the theosophical society and turned them into concepts for the average man, example biodynamic agriculture. At the end of his life, he started the waldorf or Steiner school, in my opinion, because he knew that the children of tomorrow, would need a PROPER education, and learn how to think critically and for themselves. I myself have been a student of this school, and though there is undoubtedly alot of esoteric elements to this education and it felt weird going there as a child, I am very glad I did now, in my grown up life. I find that Steiner students are not fooled easily, although alot them now have been poisoned by red values. This was true for me too, until you woke me up.

    So recently, I have been very interested in Steiners views on the joos. I came across a brilliant article written by Peter Staudenmeier at Marquette university, who took the time to properly look into this. In there we can see that Steiners views about the joos, shift quite alot during his life, being mostly critical at the end (of course). Steiner has some very interesting things to say about the joos. He was really a brilliant man in my opinion, capable of grasping and formulating thoughts about ALL of life’s aspects. The nazi’s did a study on his works, and more or less discarded them, although admitting that it also held alot truth. In my opnion, this was due to the fact that he both had esoteric and exoteric outlooks on the world, whereas the nazi’s were very much exoterics, in there philosphy, meaning they believed in nature and the outside world held the truth. If he would have been born later, im sure he would have agreed. Anyways, just some thoughts.

    I was wondering if you have ever looked into the occult side of nazi’s? Surely there is alot of rubbish out there about it but nevertheless? Didn’t Hitler believe in the hollow earth like you did once?

  4. Great show.
    This is the very sort of topic young ppl need, so they don’t waste years.
    The young in this cause need guidance and advice from those wi experience.
    These crooked christian preachers use ‘The end of time’s sermons to fleece money from their congregants. This deceit hurts lots of white folks by not planning for their future for their kids or grandkids future, whereas Jews make provisions for their young, ample provision. Lots of Whites don’t make businesses or go to medical school , because the ‘The end of time’s is coming.

    Mid program 55:00 you mention the three suns, that is called a ‘Sun dog’ , it’s a rare weather event when flat ice crystals form in the air, giving the optical illusion of 3 suns.

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