Video: South Africa’s 911: Improved Cockpit Voice Recording – SAA Flight 295: The Helderberg 1987

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Here we listen to the audible parts of the 28 minutes of the Cockpit Voice Recording (CVR). The CVR lay at a depth of 15,000-20,000 feet (deeper than the Titanic) for over a year. They recovered only 1 minute 14 seconds of fully understandable conversation from it.

I also did some noise reduction on this separately to see if I could make it easier to hear.

Then I extracted another 6 minutes and another 1 minute all of which contain some sort of conversation but its almost impossible to understand what they are saying. They are however relaxed.

The discussion which you can hear clearly is also, strangely, the very first time the Captain and crew realise that there is a fire burning in the cargo hold.

I suggest you use the transcript at this link in order to follow the conversation and what is happening: Helderberg_Transcript_CVR_MRU

Video: South Africa’s 911: Improved ATC Voice Recording – SAA Flight 295: The Helderberg 1987

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Here is the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) recording that someone put on youtube. It is 8.5 minutes long. I went and did my own noise reduction on it. I think I can hear the words more clearly on my version. Its hard to make sense of what they’re saying so I urge you to use the transcript that I’ve uploaded. Then you’ll see that there are some pieces missing. But this will give you an idea of the most important parts of the conversation before the plane either broke up or crashed. The electronics also seems to be malfunctioning – perhaps due to the fire.

Here is a PDF file with the transcript. You will find it much easier to listen to if you read the transcript here: Helderberg_Transcript_CVR_MRU

Video: South Africa’s 911: SAA Flight 295: The Helderberg 1987 – Part 2

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I discussed the Helderberg with PW Botha face to face at his house in 2006.

I also discuss other related topics like the crash of the black communist Samora Machel’s plane in South Africa, which was blamed on the Boers. Machel and all on board died. I mention what a journalist told me.

I discuss Red Mercury and Russian nuclear lies as well as Britain’s Channel 4’s lies about the Boer Right Wing

I discuss my short article entitled: “A Big British Lie about South Africa’s Nuclear weapons” from 2004 and the utter rubbish that Britain’s Channel 4 tried to pedal here in South Africa when Mandela was the President.

Video: South Africa’s 911: SAA Flight 295: The Helderberg 1987 – Part 1

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This plane crash in the sea in 1987 is the strangest aviation accident in South African history. The top military intelligence officers immediately suspected that the Russians (whom we were fighting in Angola at the time) were behind it. The plane crashed in the sea and sank to a depth deeper than the Titanic. The Apartheid Government spared no expense to get to it. Experts and technical equipment from around the world were brought in to study the evidence. The Govt wanted to know: Was this an accident or an act of terrorism. A Jew, Cecil Margo was appointed to head the investigation. I discuss some of the parallels with 911.

Israel: Jews Burn 53 Churches, Mosques—No Media Outcry

[Israel is a filthy country. It has the most racist laws and yet you never hear about them. Look at this article and the photos. How tolerant are Jews in their own country? Well, see for yourself. Jan]

The Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes, following the June, 2015 arson attack.

Jewish extremists have attacked and burned at least 53 Christian churches and Muslim mosques in Israel since 2009—but there is no international media outcry unlike what would be the case had 53 synagogues been similarly burned by non-Jews anywhere in the world.

In fact, the controlled media in Europe and America even refuses to report on the mass attacks by Jews upon non-Jewish religious buildings in Israel, and the attacks have only come to light after the Haaretz newspaper in Israel mentioned them.

You can read the rest here and also see the photos:

Rich Jew’s son tortures his Ukrainian model girlfriend for hours, murders her, drinks her blood

[People were passing this around on the social media saying this is a Jew. I couldn’t find websites calling him a Jew, but his father is stinking rich and his name does have a definite Jewish ring to it. The whole story is utterly sickening and disgusting beyond belief. This spoilt brat was a failure and living off a “mere” $18,000 PER MONTH from his daddy. I’m putting links to some news stories about this. I truly hope this piece of shit gets the death sentence.

I’m very saddened when I think of Dylann Roof’s Death Sentence. He’s a hero. Now here is a true criminal piece of shit Jew … and let’s see if the Jew ever gets the death sentence or if he gets off the hook or derives some other benefit.

But everything he did to this girl, was also in a book that he wrote. This is someone with a sick mind. Jan]

The Ukranian model who was murdered – he drank her blood

Here are links to some stories about it:

Model ‘scalped and drained of blood’ in murder unprecedented ‘outside wartime’, reveals LA autopsy

Blake Leibel: Comic book writer accused of torture and murder of girlfriend created graphic novel containing similar crime

Blake Leibel Wiki: Net Worth, Girlfriend, Murder, Crime Scene, & 5 Facts to Know

UK: Alison Chabloz: How a Homosexual Swede infiltrated the Alt-Right

[Alison is on trial in the UK for the terrible “crime” of writing a satirical song mocking the Jewish holocaust. She’s living through a nightmare. Homosexuals are in with our anti-white enemies. The enemy is at work against all whites. Jan]

You can read the story here on her blog:

Coming shortly … a whole video series of a big S.African mystery…

I’ve been working flat out this weekend on a whole video series. I want to put the full thing out in one shot this week. So I’m trying to go as fast as I can. Its something nasty that happened here that most whites are utterly confused about and whites outside Africa know very little if anything about it.

The Liberals, Jews and blacks have been lying about it, but the Liberals especially have published so much utter nonsense.

Don’t miss it. Lots of viewing and lots of thinking. And it may give you some insights into some of the nasty things that have happened to you whites elsewhere. Our fate as a race has been the same for long.

My fellow whites … THE LYING NEVER STOPS!!! That’s all I can say. It never stops!

In the meantime, if you’ve not watched the video called: “Break out of your death cell White man”, then please do so!

What PW Botha told me about the Portuguese & Salazaar & Dr Verwoerd

This is just a short note. This is from my contact with PW Botha in 2006.

In my discussions with PW Botha he spoke highly of the Portuguese president Salazaar. Salazaar was almost like a Portuguese Hitler. And Salazaar did not want to give up one inch of Portuguese territory in Africa. I think (I’ll have to check my notes) that PW Botha also spoke about how Franco of Spain was friendly to the Portuguese and to South Africa during those times.

PW Botha also spoke extremely highly of Dr Verwoerd. He told me that Verwoerd wanted to see him urgently within a week, but Verwoerd was murdered before he got to meet with him. Verwoerd, in my view is the single most important white man in the history of Southern Africa since the Anglo-Boer War. The Jews HATED that man…

The Death of President PW Botha and Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies – Race War in South Africa

[I was going through my AfricanCrisis archives looking for certain things. I stumbled on this article which I posted on AfricanCrisis on 2006-11-03 a few days after the death of PW Botha. I had seen him 11 days before he died and he was absolutely fine. Interestingly, just a few days before I visited him there was a strange “scare” about his health and he was rushed to hospital. But during the week I visited him he was absolutely fine and I probably have among the few final photographs ever taken of him, none of which I’ve ever actually put online.

I thought I’d post this article I found from 2006 where an Afrikaans guy, Marius wrote to me about the prophecies of Siener Van Rensburg. Here is the exchange between him and me which I posted. Marius was interpreting the prophecies and talking about how race war was imminent as a result of PW’s Death. You’ll see my reply to him below.

You will see, again and again and again how wrong prophecies are as a means of ever trying to figure out what is going to happen and Siener Van Rensburg’s stuff is wrong all the time. Yet, to this day, 11 years later, people are still running around quoting him. The Suidlanders now, 11 years later, claim that he is extremely accurate. Yet, for years and years I’ve heard people interpret this stuff and be WRONG every time.

It is the Calvinistic side of the Boer which believes in a pre-ordained future that results in this wrong kind of thinking. Earlier in my life I also had another means by which I believed the future could be foretold. And that too turned out to be utter rubbish.

For the record, PW Botha actually met Van Rensburg when he was a child. He was very young and people introduced him to this prophet. Interestingly, when I knew PW Botha, which was for a few months in 2006, he actually believed in the importance of Van Rensburg and these prophecies.

Returning to the Suidlanders, they’ve been warning of imminent race war in South Africa since their formation in 2007 and they’ve been wrong all the time since. I have no idea what the current status of Simon Roche is.

I want to do a full video series on Race Warfare in South Africa. I want to go over what I wrote in the past, and why I believe we can survive anything they throw at us.

According to my records, I had personal contact with President PW Botha from 2006-04-19 when he and I first spoke on the phone until 2006-10-20 when I left his house Die Anker after a visit of a few days. He died 11 days after without any warning. Jan]

I published this on 2006-11-03:

The Death of PW Botha and Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies

A reader wrote:-

Hello Jan

Do you know Siener van Rensburg an old proffit who lived about 100 years ago born 1862 i think,he said that with the death of a statesmen in the 3rd term the violence will start after the burial of that statesmen and that the blacks will kill many whites and this will spread through out the country and many people will not expect this i dont have all detail in front of me but do you recall this?

If maybe its Botha’s death then there will be big trouble in SA in 2 weeks time?

Can you colaborate on this?



Hi Marius,

I am fully aware of Van Rensburg and have read the book Voice of a Prophet. I doubt that PW Botha’s death is in any way related to this. Many people have been warning me for a long time now that in a mere few months the blacks will attack us – and one has that bit of “Afrikaner propaganda/psychological warfare” out there, “The night of the Long Knives” – which many people believe is real.

I don’t buy into any of that.

Interestingly, PW Botha did tell me that he actually saw Siener Van Rensburg when he was 9 years old. His father told him he must come to see a very important man and took him to see Siener. More than that he could not remember when he spoke to me.

But PW did say that he knew of highly trustworthy men like Boy Mussman who were of high character and who knew Siener very well and who vouched for Siener. PW Botha himself was a deep believer in Siener Van Rensburg. Jan