Video: South Africa: Race War: Coligny: Whites stand up to the Blacks

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Here is an excellent example of how white men can react positively and save everyone else. This is the story of 20 men from Coligny and 10 white farmers working as a team and how they’ve turned the situation around for the whites there.

18 thoughts on “Video: South Africa: Race War: Coligny: Whites stand up to the Blacks”

    1. Agreed. The issue really is that we whites can move forward and all these other races are a nuisance who hold us back.

      1. They are a tremendous burden to us, in more ways than any of us can fully understand. I think many white nations could look better than the futuristic concepts in Disneyland. Los Angeles looked very nice and modernistic prior to the 1965 riots, good wages , inexpensive food, housing, free colleges etc. Blacks and mexicans pulled the guts out of Socal, wrecked a once vibrant city.
        If there hadn’t been the ruin of WWII, German, American , Russian and British technology and industry combined could have built a world of beauty and wonder.

  1. The white men should be paid for their patrolling and the blacks should be taxed for causing the problem, if there were any justice.

  2. All sounds good as it should be, I am also very curious now as that what Jan I think was talking about. Also in he beginning of your videos you refer to accepting bitcoin, how does one get hold of you, because I can’t find any contact information anywhere.

  3. This is great news Jan, there was a law in the USA called sundown where the blacks were not allowed to enter town after dark, getting rid of that law was a big mistake for them. This story warms my heart, to hear that these brave men had the gumption to form their own group and get the useless law on their side too, ha! Stay safe Jan and keep up the good work mate.

    1. We need more sundown laws. Great to see whites in different countries had the same solutions. These things were necessary.

    2. When Oregon was admitted into the Union, it was on condition of being a no-slave state and blacks and mulattos couldn’t live in the state.

      Now there is an active “diversity” program of the federal government to move blacks into white areas. Funded to more than 120 million a yr.

  4. I totally agree, White men need to keep on fighting back. I have no time for the useless racist black cops in south africa. Any black that breaks into my house gets a bullet. No white man buys the cheese sandwich propaganda. Stay safe Jan

  5. That is “Great” news Jan I hope it can be done on a National Level. A Country protected and run by “White Men With Guns” sounds like a pretty nice safe place! 🙂

    Stay Safe Jan

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