Video: South Africa: Race War: Blacks framing Whites for Murder

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I discuss the selective enforcement of the law and also how blacks openly and blatantly get together and lie in court to frame white people. In this case 2 young white Boer men are being framed for a “murder”.

I also discuss how this happened to me in Rhodesia when I was 16. I was in a car accident and out of the blue came 9 black “eye witnesses” who lied through their teeth in court and I was found guilty on 4 of 5 charges against me. It shocked me for several years thereafter. Now 2 whites in Coligny face an exactly similar conspiracy but in their case, the outcome can be far, far worse than anything that happened to me.

3 thoughts on “Video: South Africa: Race War: Blacks framing Whites for Murder”

  1. terrible happening jan back then as a boy. i also had some mad cop follow my car and start shooting through the front window as i stopped . luck me and my wife survived. the cop just stood in court saying i was tryin to kill him. but he only started shooting after he had my car keys. then i was charged with tryin to kill the dam cop. i did not have any weapons or even a plastic fork in the car..rsa cops most are just criminals in a mk monkey suit..

  2. This is typical, blacks do this all the time. Whats unfolding with the coffin case is that the black is being caught out in his lies in court, the other black “witness” was found out to be lying and not even present when the incident took place. Of course there was the usual “fainting” that took place when the blacks can’t lie intellectually then they just get black women to come in and start fainting everywhere instead of answering questions.

    1. I have not followed the coffin case. Please post a link if you have one. The court system is a serious concern. I regard the legal system as a way of fighting that we whites have to get used to. This is going to be my next step. It’s the last thing left before grabbing our rifles.

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