Video: WW2: The Worst of Germany nearly defeated the BEST of America

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This is an excerpt from the full interview I did with The West’s Darkest Hour. In this you’ll hear Jake, the American saying that the worst of Germany (the old, the young, the prisoners), very nearly defeated the VERY BEST of America! Its a fascinating and true insight.

The full show is here:

2 thoughts on “Video: WW2: The Worst of Germany nearly defeated the BEST of America”

  1. Are you tring to drive a wedge between the Whites of Europe and the Whites of America????? What is that?
    You have to remember America was very ill prepared for war when atacked by Japan, You also forgot America waged a battle on two far flung battle areas as far opposite on the globe as you could get.
    No more dividing!
    No more brother wars!

    1. Hi
      I don’t understand your problem. You say no more brother wars. What then was world war two? That was a brother war where America needlessly fought Germany. America was the one in the wrong. Why did America fight two wars in Europe to help the Jews?

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