Video: The War between Christians & Jews

Here we look at the theological war between Christianity & Judaism. I also discuss other historical aspects. The Pastor you will see here is excellent – the best .

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  1. Jan you should look up the letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Cesar about Jesus Christ. If you read that letter, you will 1. See Christ was a white male with blonde hair 2. He described the Jews that he saw during that time, those who returned from Babylon & what they looked like and 3. You will find in the letter that he had no problem with Christ. Again the Jew was behind killing the white man – – Christianity has been hijacked, the Churches infiltrated. Christ is not the loving savior, when one understands the diff between the Khazarian Jews, the original Jews of the tribe of Judah and the ten tribes taken into captivity, a new light is shed. The Church wants to hide the fact that the Western European is an Israelite. The Scottish claimed it in 1300, the coat of arms of many of these nations, the names of these nations, following the footsteps of the first apostles who Christ told to go but unto the lost house of Israel – they all went to Europe and former European countries where these tribes had settled. Its a fact, none of them went to China, India, Africa – why only Europe & why has only Europeans spread the word – this is why the Christian church has been hijacked, the fake jews now know the white man is waking up to the fact that they are impostors, Christ knew it, which is why he said to them “If you were are Abrahams stock, you would not want to kill me” – they are the seed of Satan, the Synagogue of Satan.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for this info. What is the source for the letter of pontius pilate? Is it a real historical document?

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