Video: BANNED: Controversy: Exterminate the Jews – Alex Linder: Part 1

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When I first got on the social media in 2015 and first met Alex Linder on Twitter, people began saying to me: Alex Linder is a Jew. Alex Linder is also the only person I knew back then who was saying: Exterminate all the Jews! So this video was part one of a 3 part series I intended making where I analyse the situation around Alex Linder and whether he was a genuine White Nationalist or not.

This was my first analysis of Alex Linder of VNN. He’s a White Nationalist Atheist who attacks Christians. He used to be in Dr Pierce’s National Alliance.

11 thoughts on “Video: BANNED: Controversy: Exterminate the Jews – Alex Linder: Part 1”

  1. It would have been nice if you had referred to the SPLC and explained that the Southern Poverty Law Centre is funded by George Soros and his open society foundation groups. People are waking up to Soros and how he funds groups like BLM, Antifa etc., and I don’t think it’s going down well. Soros, the Billionaire Jew who will hopefully follow Rockefeller into the grave this year.

    1. Thanks for this reply. I’ve not really studied so roses. But for years I’ve been hearing what this filthy eaten European jew has been up to. I’ll ask Alex if he can enlighten me. I know the splc are dirt. This is like having a Jewish secret police organisation at work in the USA.

    1. Hi Fred,
      People told me about it a long time back. I went there and there seemed to be nothing going on.

      Now that I’ve taken the plunge with my own video setup I have no desire to go hunting around for other platforms because that would leave me yet again at the mercy of someone else. Also I’ll be putting up really hardcore, nasty stuff. I don’t want people messing me around regarding what I may or may not put online.

      1. Hey ive not listened all the way thru yet, however a few things made me think about my own actions and where I live we can openly say we would like to put Jews and kebabs in ovens etc.

        I do use exagerated positions to stir up emotion in Australians because of the “she will be right mate” culture. For example saying “If I became leader of South Australia, ill put Jews in the oven along with white traitors”

        For the above to be hate speech in South Australia the victim needs to reasonably believe I could become the South Australian leader in the near future and cause the public to commit acts of violence towards the victim.

        In having an extreme position it not only causes Australians to engage in dialogue but the end result is a meeting halfway and simply expelling rather than exterminating.

        Im wondering what people think about that line of argumentatuon, specifically if there are any Australians here.

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