Video: BANNED: The World War the Jews LOST! (1919-1939)

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This video was not long on youtube when they banned it. I keep hearing from close friends as well as from other people who do analyses that the Jews ALWAYS WIN! The Jews NEVER LOSE! This is utter nonsense. I discuss the many times the Jews lost, especially the time when across the whole Western world they were being driven back before they started the diversion that we know as WW2.

6 thoughts on “Video: BANNED: The World War the Jews LOST! (1919-1939)”

  1. Jews had to destroy monarchia systems , so that they can mixbreed with our white leaders..Now its irreversible

    1. I don’t think anything is irreversible actually. A wrong path taken can be reversed if you have enough determination.

    2. Actually, if you study some of the genealogy reports at (under tab “Updates”) it looks more like the other way around: that jews were able to get intermarried with monarch families as part of their scheme to get to the top where they would have more power and influence. Take a look at reports on Hitler posted this year (first paper is 49 pages), and Napoleon for examples.

  2. One thing I’ve noticed coming from an evangelical upbringing is that we were taught Jews were God’s chosen people. I stumbled across the modern Jews origin which is converted Khazars (Turkic). They are not Hebrew descendants rather 7th century converts to Judiasm. American Christians don’t know this and therefore blindly support Jews and Israel. If this info can be desciminated the evangelical voting block could stop supporting candidates that are cucks for Israeli lobby in our Congress.

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