Video: Whites: Power Politics: How to have tea with the Queen

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This video is my idea of the correct way to play politics for us whites to WIN!! White people everywhere are doing Power Politics all wrong. This is a nasty, tough video, but men especially must watch this, especially Boers. This is about the only law that’s really out there in the world. I used to joke on AfricanCrisis: How do you get to have tea with the Queen of England? What will make her want to have tea with you? This is the answer. This is how the world actually works and why we whites are continuously losing. The path forward is not easy, but its very doable for our capable race. Above all we must: MAKE THE WHITE MALE GREAT AGAIN! He must roar like the Lion that he is.

5 thoughts on “Video: Whites: Power Politics: How to have tea with the Queen”

  1. Hi Jan Lamprecht;

    It is good to see another man trying to spread the truth to the (mostly christian) liberal white people… Many hate me due to my blatant honesty when it comes to issues of race and religion. Sadly, my internet connection is quite slow so I was wondering where to find a torrent in order to download this video? I am currently downloading your video: “the war the jews lost” with a torrent. Anyways, I strongly believe that the time is right for a new Kaiser… and the only way to bring such a powerful chesspiece into play would be via Power Politics and intimidation on a continental scale… It takes a single stone to start an avalanche and by Golly, we are in dire need of such a stone.. unfortunately in order to intimidate one must be able to back up one’s intimidation, i.e; the “Kaiser” would need to be in command of an arsenal of military grade bio-weapons… Any thoughts?

    Wilhelm van Staden

    1. Hi Willem,
      If you understand Hitler correctly, he did not like the Kaiser because the Kaiser was too friendly to the Jews. But I assume by Kaiser you mean a central, powerful leader.

      Regarding weapons. I don’t know of anyone who has used bio weapons on a large scale. I would think much more normal weapons will do fine. You don’t need all the fancy weaponry that you’re used to in the USA. It will depend on situation.


  2. Possibly your best video/audio that I have heard. But I can only think that this subject is very far off the radar screens for what passes for males in American society where they have been beaten into submission by feminism and political correctness, and that they would be terrified if they were caught listening to it. It would be deliciously sadistic to tie down a few demented liberals and force them to listen to it. Can you imagine how much crazier they woul be made.
    If you could fictionalize this message into a movie like the “Walking Dead” that so many people have been mesmerized by, you would have a hit. In other words, sugar coat the medicine.
    About the only manly appearing males one comes across are the ones appearing in films. They have the looks but I fear are focused on vanity. In real life they are mostly Hollywood liberals. Not a very hopeful scenario.

    1. Hi Rita,
      Thanks very much for your kind words. Much appreciated. I have been wondering how the other men would take it. One really close supporter likes it. But others I’m afraid might not like it. I’m doing my best by myself to put up a male verbal fightback and do some psy war of my own on our enemies while trying to boost morale whereever I can. I would be prepared to follow my own advice and be the first to try and hit back at our enemies in whatever ways I can. For now I must limit myself to the verbal war and to psy war. That’s the only way. Your thoughts on sugar coating it is interesting. I’m very touched by your comments on this one.

      I was willing to lose an entire channel if I could get this one video out. I regarded it that important. You’re right the men are too feminized. However women can GOAD their men into action. That’s one thing that white women can do. They can put pressure on their men. A woman has power and she can do it. That’s what Boer women said to their men during the ANGLO-BOER war. The women put pressure on their men to continue fighting even if the women and children were dying. The women did not want the men to give up.

      Warm wishes,

    2. PS: I’m so delighted to get your comments because I anyway wanted to ask people for their honest opinions.
      The men have forgotten what men can do. They’ve been misled. Everyone’s confidence has been broken. We need to rebuild it.

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