Video: WW3: Germans, Boers, Race War, Suidlanders, Simon Roche, Siener Van Rensburg & Adriaan Synman

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The Suidlanders are currently touring the USA & saying that White Genocide is imminent in South Africa, maybe this year. I dispute this type of thinking. Brian Ruhe and Jan discuss the Suidlanders and their plan to save whites from genocide in South Africa. These are sincere Christians who truly believe in the prophecies of Van Rensburg. They claim that 400 of his 700 predictions have come true and that he is the most accurate prophet in history. His prophecies have been mainly documented and interpreted by the Afrikaans author Adriaan Snyman.

4 thoughts on “Video: WW3: Germans, Boers, Race War, Suidlanders, Simon Roche, Siener Van Rensburg & Adriaan Synman”

  1. Pardon me that i am commenting again, but I just wanted to say– what you are doing here, with your OWN VIDEO PLATFORM, where one may comment— this should be the model for all whites worldwide. Your analysis, as I mentioned, is extraordinary – in part of course because of your having lived in the multicultural hellholes of rhodesia and SA. Youve obviously been exposed to the behavior patterns of the different races – and this experience as a whole has apparently been necessary for whites worldwide… for us to become as knowledgeable and as “red-pilled” about the different races are we currently are now. This whole debacle of the last 150 years (with liberalism) or the last 2000 years (with christianity) has arguably been one long experiment for KNOWLEDGE ( knowledge about races, and social things)… this particular knowledge has come at the expense of many things – life, limb, property, OTHER scientific knowledge, reaching the stars etc etc.

    By the way, I’m an expert on Nietzsche and used to comment on your YT channels. I have followed you here and continue to listen to all of your videos. I promote your ideas and website to many people who i deal with, and I hope that you appear on the Daily Shoah, Ruhe and other media outlets again. Thank you!

    1. Hi
      I remember your nietzsche comments on my channel. Glad to see you here. They chased me off youtube like a dog.

      They even banned me off PayPal.

      So I’m picking up the pieces and don’t my best here. Nice to see old supporters here.


  2. Incredible work and analysis that you do Jan. Extremely important words of yours from this video– you say to Ruhe: “When you start shooting back, even a little bit, it starts changing the picture a lot.” Whites are now shooting back worldwide… and even though it’s still just a little bit, it’s changing the picture a lot.

    1. Hi
      Glad you noticed that. Yes I firmly believe that even just a little bit of resistance from whites will cause more damage to the Jews and liberals than you can believe. These scum have been treated far too well by white people. We’ve been too nice for far too long. We should aggressively tear their entire stupid structure down. Even a little bite of resistance can cause huge upheavals for our enemies. Nothing pleases new more than to see whites stand up. It’s awesome.
      Warm wishes

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