Video: How Ian Smith betrayed Rhodesia

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Did Ian Smith make a secret deal with Britain and the USA to sell out the Whites of Rhodesia? I interviewed JB Campbell in depth regarding the top secret camp he saw at Villa Salazar where Rhodesia’s darkest secret lay. JB Campbell was one of a handful of Americans who came to fight in Rhodesia. While he was in PATU (Police Anti-Terrorist Unit), he ended up at this top secret camp and was shocked to the core by what he saw. He also discusses the strange story of the Property and Finance Magazine owned by Wilfred Brooks who was driven into bankruptcy by Ian Smith as a result of a court case concerning a top secret documents. Brooks was the only man in Rhodesia who was trying to educate White Rhodesians about the Jews.

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  2. Great stuff, including the links posted above, but it saddens me to think that Ian Smith may have betrayed his own and had to bow down to the Jew Kissinger and a spineless Voerster, but it’s better to know the truth.

    1. The story of smith is complex. We’re just beginning. I have TONS – I mean stacks and stacks and stacks of Rhodesia, Portugal and South African stuff to put out as videos. I’m forming a better picture myself as I go through the stuff. Some of the skullduggery is coming out more clearly.

      I don’t want to say too much about Smith now. Just keep watching the videos. I’ve come across all sorts of stuff that helps to fill in all sorts of weird pictures and SOUTH AFRICA and the Boers are full of weird twists that I’d never expected and it impacts on Rhodesia, etc. So stick around.

  3. Interesting article here call Ian Smith a liberal more akin to a communist.

    The whole truth is compressed into one paragraph in the September 1977 issue of Behind the News:

    “Mr. Ian Smith is not a conservative, let alone a rightwing extremist, never was a conservative and never will be. He is a liberal or progressive, or leftist, always was and always will be. Thus an astonishing situation has been created in which a dyed-in-the-wool liberal finds himself today the prime minister and leader of a small country which has adopted a posture of defiance towards a revolutionary imperialism, which is essentially liberal, leftist, call it what you will”.

  4. This is one of your best videos. I wonder if there are any copies of Finance and Property around from that time period. Everyone please ask around. Did Wilfred Brooks die ? His magazine is also mentioned on this webpage
    Please keep digging Jan and please for the love of god get a crypto currency donation page going.

  5. Jan could you also put an mp3 option for your videos? I usually convert your videos to mp3 and listen to the audio while I go walking, and I can do the same with this new way you are posting the videos, but it would be a lot simpler if there was a mp3 download option.

  6. Jan,
    Did you and Alex Linder ever discuss Eric Thomspon /Campbell? I can’t recall if you did.
    However the Thompson Letters on VNN have interesting snipits maybe there is more detail elsewhere?
    “Thanks for your attempt to explain Ian Smith’s sellout to Black Marxist Misrule. I’ve heard that version, also, from several sources. My friend, Wilfred Brooks, who was publisher of “Rhodesian Property & Finance”, until Smith put him out of business, told me that Ian Smith was a Communist, ever since he fought with The Red Brigades in northern Italy, after his aircraft was allegedly forced down in that region. Instead of rejoining his R.A.F. group in southern Italy, Smith chose to serve with the Reds, so his role was similar to that of the race-traitor, Vorster.

  7. I agree. The truth about WW2 and the lies about the Holocaust need to come out. That’s critical.

  8. One speaks that the Whites of South Africa could of resisted the forces of America, Britain, and the Jews from taking power. I do not disagree. However, I believe until the truth of WWI, WWII, National Socialism, Adolf Hitler, and what is called the Holocaust is brought to the light, a specific awareness and consciousness for true resistance will not come. The lies which orient around this historical time are exponentially inflated to a degree of evil (Nazis, Hitler)that the conscious mind is not given the ability to properly make it conscious. Thus it is like an open port made unconscious to its host yet an external agent has access to it through propagating constant negative references and innuendo upon it. As one knows of computer programming, in other words, my hypothesis to this mass brainwashing is that the Nazis are a declared variable for example to which its Type is unconsciously created through innuendo, reference, and accusation upon the White race ( the variable and type are feminine constructs). However, with the declared variable and type made, it is never allowed instantiation or true definition. With this, one is in a state of unconscious prompting and with that an aspect of self inflicted unconscious instantiation happens through a continues prompting by media, education, and entertainment. It is a collective psychic virus that disallows the masculine to ever be made apparent and thus conscious. Yet as all virus, whether that be in nature or in computers … such viruses force a body to overcome and become stronger. At some point the eyes will be able to see and once that happens the cards will fall.

      1. Hi there from what I could remember from those days Ian Smith did not betrayed Rhodesia……..he was betrayed by South African Government asking for help and South African Government refused to help him……

        1. You remember correctly. The full story is very complex. See my comments to another reader. The South African and Boer twists are really weird and I’ve not even begun to go through them. This is just the beginning of a LOT of stuff about Rhodesia, SA and Portugal and much more.

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