Video: How Alex and Jan woke up to the Jewish threat

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Alex and Jan discuss how they woke up to the threat the Jews pose to white people. Alex discusses in depth his experiences around Jews and why he dumped conservatism.

The History Reviewed Schedule this week

The topic of Rhodesia and South Africa is coming up a lot. I am preparing various videos. But things took a back seat over the last week as I worked on my website and related things. We’re about to resume a more normal programming schedule this week.

With regard to Rhodesia, there has never been controversy about the Rhodesian leadership. But we’ll have to head into the very controversial topics relating to Rhodesia and South Africa. One thing that’s becoming clear to me is that the full strategy of the whites of Rhodesia and South Africa in their desperate efforts to retain power – that the various things that we got up to have in many cases been kept very quiet. The exact dynamics of Rhodesia and South Africa are in many cases obscured. Also, we never touch on the German presence Africa nor the massive presence of the Portuguese here. So what I’ll do is jump between European topics and Africa and the USA. In all these areas you’ll find very important topics and facts which have been kept secret for decades.

I have a number of important videos coming up. Don’t miss: What Adolf Hitler said about the Boers! Plus there are videos Alex and I did which aren’t online yet. That’s also coming this week. Also, if you don’t know what the word: RAHOWA means, then you’re missing out on some extremely important WHITE EDUCATION which every white person needs! Plus, we’ll also return to Germany’s most dangerous philosopher: Nietzsche!

What do you think of the Boer Prophet Siener Van Rensburg?

Martin wrote:

Hi Jan
I would like to know what you think of Siener Van Rensburg? Its a subject I have studied for more than 15 years and things are really getting exciting now and prophecy is actually taking place as predicted 100 years ago.

Iv been watching a certain man in Germany for about 10 years and have followed his every move,its hard to explain but something in me just said keep your eyes on this German leader? Now going back to the Siener, he had a vision in 1925 and his daughter wrote down this vision for him because he could hardly read or write but this vision was about a man who was a military leader would become the leader of Germany,he would take over from a blond haird blue eyed woman,he also told his daughter to mark this vision as very important!! Well I can no longer say that I have any doubts about this and it is the real deal.This man will take controle of Germany and will honor the Crouse Agreements that were singed between the Boers and Germans in a town call prieska in the north west province,the agreements were that because the Boers help Germany fight the british that if the Boers ever needed help in the future that Germany would come there aid,the prophecy goes on the say that this leader would send arms and supplies to the Boers at a given time in the future via a railway line from the west coast to Prieska and that German military will march with the Boers to the capital were they take the country back.

Anyway that is the short version and not even the tip of the iceberg,I would like to know what you know about this and would like to share more info on this subject,I will leave a video bellow and so you know who im talking about,also this leader has just officially stated that he will be running in the next German elections later this year?Social media is alive about this announcement but the main stream media it totally quiet.

Martin sent this link about the comeback of a German politician which he believes is part of Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies.

Here’s the link:

My Reply to Martin:

Hi Martin,
I used to be big into prophecy for much of my life. I actually bought the little red Afrikaans book on Siener when it first came out in the 1990’s and I have in more recent years bought the English and Afrikaans versions.

I know many people who believe in this deeply and they’re waiting for the moment this comes true.

But I’m afraid, time has turned me into a skeptic about most everything. I don’t base any of my thinking on the Siener prophecies. With or Without them I’m just soldiering forward. It is clearly a thing that speaks to the Boers. But I’m one of the few Boers whose not Christian.

I believe each must have his own belief.

I am well aware of the Night of the Long Knives, and in my book Government by Deception (2002) I used this exact type of scenario in the chapter “The Whites’s Last Stand”. My interest was in a military analysis of whether we would survive an all-out black attack of the worst kind. The thrust of my book was that whites need their own country in Africa. So I am very interested in the line of thinking which gives us power over our own affairs.

Germany is in a sad state. Germany won’t aid us in its current state. But let me be frank with you, the US Army and Air force & British Army and Air force are more likely to come and KILL US WHITES if we try to save ourselves in the future. The Americans and British have made it their business to kill white people (just ask the Europeans – especially the Germans). How about the British who came here to seize the Boer Republics over a century ago (not to mention ALL the Boer Republics the British laid their hands on)! I’m afraid for the whites of South Africa, especially us Boers – The USA and Britain will KILL US if we try to get our own republic.

I do agree with the general principle that our ONLY HOPE is EUROPE.

PS: A pal of mine worked in a nuclear plant here and had a LOT of contact with the Japanese. The Japanese were regarded as white under Apartheid (and Chinese and Indians were regarded as non-white). I befriended some Japanese and I like them a lot. Our NATURAL ALLIES are the Europeans and the Japanese. (My pal at the nuclear plant told me many nice things about the Japanese).

But in terms of Boer independence (and this INCLUDES THE RHODESIANS) regard America and Britain as our DEADLY ENEMIES. This is FACT. I’ll show you more later about how the British and Jews smuggled more deadly weaponry into South Africa to kill whites than the ANC did).



Video: Beyond Black and White: A breakdown of different race groups in SA

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Alex Linder and Jan discuss race relations in South Africa as they are now. What are the various races of people in South Africa and how do they view each other and of special importance, how do they view Whites?

Video: The Daily Shoah on The Right Stuff interview History Reviewed Channel

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I want to thank my YouTube channel supporters deeply for arranging this interview. I do need more exposure to other audiences. More than a year ago I had people try (unsuccessfully) to get me an interview on Red Ice. Several people tried hard with no luck.

This was my first contact with the Alt-Right. I was very impressed. My interview was show number 143. I will give my impressions of the Alt-Right in a separate video. The interview was 2.5 hours long. We discussed South Africa mostly and how it had got to the point it is now. My hosts were very knowledgeable. I wish that whites in South Africa, especially the Boers would realise that their history has become a symbol of hope for some young whites overseas who now look up to them.

The URL for the show is here:

You will find a *LOT* of extremely interesting comments at this link and I urge White South Africans to view this.

Video: Daily Life as 9% Minority: The White Experience in the New South Africa

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Alex Linder interviews Jan about what life is like now in South Africa after whites have been ruled by blacks for over 20 years. In a nation where non-whites make up over 90% of the population they still need Affirmative Action; Black Economic Empowerment and well over 100 laws to discriminate specifically and ONLY against white people … and still its not giving the blacks the results they wanted. We discuss crime, guns, black ability in the workplace and many other things.

Any Australian Patriots out there?

I got this mail from a viewer of my videos. Can anyone help Alex and guide him to any Australian organisations? I think there’s an Australia first group. But I don’t know more.



My name’s Alex and I’m living in Australia. I really love your videos on YouTube. Please keep them coming. They are very educational for the Caucasian race. I too see the patterns of Jewish leadership and their steadfast goal of corrupting culture and taking over the world, and also the great disappointment of English-descended people helping them in the process. Maybe the English have racial ancestry that is very interesting, or that would exclude them from being true Aryans. How else would they so blindly follow what Jews tell them to do and ever since the Norman Conquest?

Anyway, I could speak about it for hours and hours, but I wanted to ask if you know any white nationalists or deeply political types of men in Australia whom have spoken to you. I know it sounds funny that I’m asking you for possible contacts from my own country, but you seem to have built a good network of people whom like your work. And I am a frustrated ambitious person, not having anybody to really build momentum for a political movement in my country yet. It’s tough when being public about my beliefs concerning WWII and other things would label me a nutcase. Any leads I could gain would make me most appreciative. Maybe I could grab an email address or two from you.

Again, thanks for the awesome videos and keep up the good fight of the preservation of the Caucasian race! In fact, I think the title of superior goes to the race (most likely the Germans) who would be the guardian of all human civilization, being in good communication with all races that have solidarity and independence, such as the Japanese. Then the mixed races will fall away, as they are against the natural order of things.

Have a good one, mate!

Video: How Jews create an everlasting lie

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Backup Video:

This is a short but very important discussion of how Jews build a lie out of any situation and how over time this lie is turned into a historical event. I also point out how decent behaviour by Christians towards Jews is repaid with evil.

Roger Whittaker, famous singer: Mother tortured for hours by blacks, father murdered by blacks

[I like the British singer Roger Whittaker. I especially love his song “The Last Farewell” which I think is one of the greatest love songs ever written. It turns out he was born in Africa, in Kenya, one of the first countries abandoned by the British Empire. It seems he even spent some time in South Africa. I was surprised to read that he seems to have a liking for Europeans and has done songs that were hits in different parts of Europe. But it seems his most loyal supporters are GERMAN and he’s done songs in German despite his lack of knowledge of the language! He seems to have a real love for his German supporters!

But what they don’t tell you is this. In 1989 his parents were still living in Kenya. Blacks came and caught his mother and tortured her for 8 hours and they murdered his father!!! That’s Kenya! In Kenya the Mau Mau chopped whites up with machetes. They cut the tendons of the white peoples’ cattle. Kenya was where 60,000 British farmers and also some white South Africans including Boers lived. Most of them left Kenya. That is where the blacks with their Jewish communism came, filled with hatred for whites. That was the beginning of the so-called “Liberation wars” – a load of Jewish lies I tell you.

On Wikipedia they say this about what happened to Whittaker’s parents:
“On 1 April 1989, Whittaker’s parents (still living in Kenya) were subjected to a brutal attack by a gang of four men in which his mother was tortured for eight hours and his father was murdered. His mother moved back to England after the incident. Roger Whittaker said about the incident, “It will affect me for the rest of my life, but I believe we should all live without hate if we can”.”

Here’s the full page on Wikipedia about him:

Rhodesian Mobile Chemical Weapons Lab & Missing South African Nukes

Mike wrote:

Hey Jan do you know anything about Dr David Kelly and the story about the mobile chemical weapon’s lab in Rhodesia and the missing South African nuclear weapons ?

Hi Mike,
I’ve never heard anything about the “mobile chemical weapons lap” in Rhodesia. What is the source of the story?

RE: Missing South African nukes.
That’s a rubbish story. I seem to recall the basis of the story was that Boers had seized some nuclear weapons and that SECRETLY the White Right Wing was BLACKMAILING the ANC with these nuclear weapons and therefore the ANC could not do the things it wanted.

I regard this as ANC B.S. to fool the idiots.

I think someone even wrote a book about it. But in my view – pure hogwash.

The CIA among others were EXTREMELY INSISTENT that the 6 nuclear bombs the Boers had were dismantled and they checked it. The CIA specifically stated (I forget where they did this), that THEY DID NOT WANT THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF Nelson Mandela’s ANC.