Video: Tara McCarthy interviews Jan about the White Genocide in South Africa

Tara and I had a good interview. She asked a number of interesting and pertinent questions about the whites of South Africa and our situation here and whether we have any future.

She is in (multicultural, non-white London!). She asked me today about the White Genocide in South Africa. She wanted to know about the current plight of the 4.2 million whites in South Africa who are living in the midst of a hostile 50 million blacks and what future if any we have.

Among the comments on her video was this:
“I’m a white English South African. My wife is Afrikaans. Everything this guy is saying is fact. It’s one of the most beautiful countries you’ll ever see but also one of the most fucked up places in the world.”

An old supporter of mine Nukebusters, said this: “Nuke Busters1 hour ago
Jan Lamprecht is first class and deserves as much support as we can give him. I have watched ALL his very excellent videos.”

Another comment: “Great work, Tara. Keep trucking.”

A boer wrote this: “I’m south african myself.
Quite difficult to immigrate since currency differences makes rich men poor.”

Another comment: “Great video so far, as usual Tara.

A lot of the YouTubers in the scene have got rather boring and very repetitive, echoing each other all the time. Good to hear unique content.”

Another: “Affirmative action must end. This is a problem in the US as well.”

9 thoughts on “Video: Tara McCarthy interviews Jan about the White Genocide in South Africa”

  1. Hey Jan

    Please don’t call JEWS “elites” that only makes them feel special… they are not special, they are not “illuminated”, they are not chosen… they are deceivers and snakes..


    1. A pleasure. Thank you. Hope to see you back! I’m going to be reloading all my videos here. Was just sorting out some of the tricky technical issues of running my own video platform.

  2. Thanks Jan and Tara! The fact is that South Africa is the model for the NWO! The future looks bleak for whites in general! Wake up goyim!

    1. Very true Bella. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is the model for South Africa and South Africa is the model for America+UK+Europe, etc.
      The future is bleak but only because the Jews and Blacks have the run of things.
      We whites must get our power back and our ability to rule OURSELVES again.
      Thanks for your support. Hope to see you. Keep watching my website for new videos.

  3. Wow. The more I hear about the oppression of white people in SA and Africa, the more I feel embarressed for the actions of my government (Britain), and what a sham the UN is. If political correctness could be put to the sword, we could at least attempt to tackle this problem, as well as the growing threat of mass immigration to Europe and Islam. The world is becoming increasingly dangerous and hostile to us whites, and the irony is it is all our own doing. Thanks Jan and Tara for a very interesting conversation. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Will be looking into this more and speaking to my friends about it.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      I’m very pleased to hear your comments. I have openly stated in recent months that I regard the British Govt as the No 1 ENEMY of the White people of Africa. I say that with respect to the way Britain has gone to war with the Boers twice and also how they treated their own kith and kin in Rhodesia. I don’t regard the problem as totally white created. In my other videos, all of which have been banned from youtube, I spoke at length about the Jews and of course Britain is a very Jewish country. The Jews have slid into all your upper classes, etc. The Jews have a deep-seated hatred of all white people. My best friends were Jews in fact. So I heard various things from them over time. The bottom line is for whites to unite and begin fighting back as a race because we are the single most targeted race in the world now. Everything is used against us everywhere. As soon as I can begin getting my videos up on my own website you are most welcome to watch the videos. You will learn a lot. And I’m far from finished.

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