Now I’m banned from Paypal too (After being banned from Youtube!)

After they banned my 10 channels off Youtube, I noticed payments “skipping” on PayPal a few days later and I got emails from them about “limits” being placed on my Paypal a/c. So last night I phoned Paypal in the USA from here in South Africa to ask why they had put a limitation on my account. They told me that “its best for us to part company” because of my website having paypal buttons on it. I said to the guy: I’ve had this paypal a/c since 2002. I’ve NEVER had ANY problems with paypal so can’t we just resolve it? He went to speak to his supervisor and then returned and said “no, this is permanent”. I was told that the monies I had in my paypal a/c would be locked in there for 45-180 days. They would send me an email letting me know when I can withdraw my monies! But it could be up to a six month wait “depending on their investigations”. So there you have it. (((They))) have deleted 12 Youtube channels of mine since December 2016 and now I’ve lost paypal!! Clearly (((they))) don’t like what I’ve been doing.

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  1. I never got my money back, Jan. About $268, back in 2004. PayPal said I could do business with them if I removed all references to Jews from my website. The story that drove them over the edge was Revolt of the Goyim. But they’ll keep your money. It’s a Jew outfit, needless to say.

    1. I will try bitcoin and cryptocurrencies next. People who want to upport my work and donate can drop me a line here and I will respond to them. Thanks,

  2. Unbelievable! I didn’t even know that that’s possible. Take it as a batch of honour. You must be doing a lot right.
    The video quality on this site is just fine over here in Germany.

    1. Thanks Helene. Am delighted the video is great in Germany. Your fascinating comments about the Kaiser really have me thinking. I can’t stop thinking about this. I must do a video about it. It would show how Germans and Boers are being fooled with false hope.

      1. Isn’t it save to say that we are all fooled that we live within this calamity-savior-matrix? Boers and Germans are just the most hard-pressed at this point in time. Your situation is obvious, and with “Western Europe” being he new codeword for “Germoney”, one can savely assume that most of the masses that push(ed) into “Western Europe” ended up here; the official numbers are rubbish, but even they admit that two thirds are now here in our land. We are absolutely flooded – millions of them. And millions more to come. I will try to find out when this “Kaiser”-theme started. There are voices out there that Eichelburg is fed his “information” by the OVP (that’s one of the 2 traditional parties in Austria; imagine 2 dots on the O) and that it’s a kind of running joke. But in this case the have either kept it going for at least 3 years, or Eichelburg himself took it up and ran with it. There is a legend about Kaiser Barbarossa coming back to save the country from distress, which is still very much alive in Bavaria and the Salzburg region and Upper Austria. The meme has been out there all the time. Anyway, it is a fact, that we Germans are sitting and waiting for some strong dude to come and save us. Which clearly is our downfall.

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