VERY URGENT: Information wanted on Simon Roche of the Suidlanders

This is a call to everyone. I am looking for any information anyone has on the man we know as the spokesman for the Suidlanders who are touring the USA and giving interviews. I have been digging a lot into this man and his past and what I am coming across is EXTREMELY TROUBLING and all whites, especially BOERS must be aware of this.

You can put your feedback and information on my website on the link of this article.

I will release all the information I have later. But this man is doing interviews across the USA and many of them are on video. I have studied some and there are some extremely troubling things that are coming out.

What is of special interest are his mention of Israel, and Jews. Also this man had an extremely high rank in the ANC – a very high rank which I heard him speak of. This man may be extremely dangerous to the Suidlander organisation.

If you have come across any news articles or better still any interviews where he says anything that could be of importance, please send me the link and the time where this happens.

My 5 biggest youtube channels were banned just days before I was to appear with Simon on a show. So I lost interest in speaking to him. I had then already formed a negative opinion about him. So when I cancelled the interview I did write to him in person and I copied Brian Ruhe and others. I told Simon various things to his face and I will publish that email on my website and in a video.

However, since then, even more information has been coming in. Its all very troubling. So please scrutinise carefully any interviews he’s done especially on video and let me know if anything interesting comes out.

I have my own sources who have passed on critical information to me already but I will publish it all later. In the meantime I’d appreciate any links to anything else that could be valuable.

I also know the Suidlander’s actual plans and what will happen to the whites inside the organisation in the event of a war. I will publish that too.

18 thoughts on “VERY URGENT: Information wanted on Simon Roche of the Suidlanders”

  1. If anything, we should be suspicious of this post. It makes a lot of baseless claims, provides nothing but empty conjecture and paranoid speculation. CREATES DIVISION = FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, PREJUDICE and DOUBT.

    If you have something concrete to say, say it. Lay it down.

    Whether you are just a bunch of paranoid idiots or an organised intelligence trying to undermine a movement that strives to unite people, this REEKS of the propaganda that’s been dividing people for centuries.

    Think for yourselves, people. Think objectively, it’s easy to do. They are playing on your paranoia. It will divide you all even more.

  2. Hi Jan,
    I have suspected the motives of the Suidlanders for quite some time, now that I have found out more about the illustrious S.Roche it all makes sense, to our detriment unfortunately.
    My assessment of the Suidlanders is that it is a grand plan by the Afrikanerbond & big business to keep us safe in time of turmoil & ounce order has been restored, Boers etc can go back to work & continue to run the businesses of the Stellenbosch mafia & Jews.
    How about you starting a petition in non Jewish “run” countries to ask for asylum for the Boers of S.Africa, countries that come to mind are Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Urugway, also some former iron curtain countries. Robert.

  3. “Several right-wing sources have voiced fears that the Suidlanders might be a National Intelligence Agency project to net “right-wing crazies” who might have sinister motives. Suidlanders leader Gustav Muller denies this, saying the rumours had started because of his past career in intelligence.”
    How do we now Gustav isn’t still working for NI?
    “Ek is oortuig daarvan dat hierdie hele ding ‘n regeringsoperasie is, nes die Boeremagdebakel wat deur ‘n veiligheidspolisieman, ene JC Smith aangevoor is. Die berig meld dit nie, maar in die uitnodiging na Gustav Muller se “voorligtingsessies” wat op regse forums versprei is word beweer dat hy die “inligting” as voormalige MI-offisier in die hande gekry het. ‘n Bietjie deduktiewe logika: As ons aanvaar dat die “inligting” vals is, dan lieg Muller oor sy status as voormalige offisier. Dit is onwaarskynlik dat hy die aanspraak sou maak indien hy nooit vir MI gewerk het nie, dus werk hy nog steeds vir hulle. ‘n Verdere aanduiding: bywoning van die sessies en die CD’s was gratis. Daar is dus geen geldelike motief nie, alhoewel dit hom ‘n aansienlike bedrag moes gekos het om die inligting saam te stel en vir die reise en lokale te betaal.” Rooibaard’s comment on this forum is noteworthy >>

    1. Hi Amelia,
      Excellent comments and an excellent find. You’ll be receiving email notifications from me when I post videos.
      Thanks so much for this excellent stuff.

  4. Simon Roche apparently goes by the name Frederick Von Strass on a forum called If you just go to #14 in this thread you’ll see Frederick/Simon admit to not only being a former ANC activist (I’ve lived around lefty types my whole life in SA & they wouldn’t even be so treacherous as to have anything to do with the ANC – either in Apartheid or now), but Simon/Frederick also admits to having a coloured child.
    Apparently Simon admitted in his interviews in the US that he was involved in the ANC previously. Now this might not raise eyebrows abroad, but any sane white South African would be alarmed at that revelation. I never trust people who go from one extreme to the next politically – they’re either nuts or an agent. Suidlanders is infested with National Intelligence Agents btw &

    1. Hi Amelia,
      Can you find me the links where “Von Strauss” (1) Admits he was in the ANC (2) He has a coloured child?

      Can you explain to me why people believe that “Von Strauss” is Simon Roche? What’s the case for that?


  5. Brian Ruhe is a jew. There’s a video.of him confiding with another Jew and saying these goyim are so fucking dumb.

  6. Hi Jan,
    I have been thinking about this last night and can probably give you a less convoluted & more condensed version, of what I see in this and how it applies to Simon Roche.

    Aren’t all those characters: the jews, Israel, the NWO-lovers, Barbara Lerner-Spectre (and doesn’t she really look like a ghost?), Soros, the Suidlanders, Eichelburg (and how ever many more there are) essentially telling the same story? And are they not all providing us with an enemy to fight, which is NOT them?

    The story would be:
    chapter 1) there will be war/unheavals, that is a given and inevitable, it is a necessary purge and many of YOU will die. (and oy vey, poor US, aren’t we going to suffer from this!)
    2) There is a saviour/method of saving/promise coming. He/it will reign supreme after the dust has settled
    3a) There will be very few of you left (just enough to serve us)
    3b)The survivors will be the strong and foresightful among you, the ones that deserve to live (serve us) and all the undesirables will be dead (yay!)
    4) YOUR life will be drudge and misery and lots and lots of work because YOU will do the rebuilding (for us)
    5) In the end, when all is rebuild, all will be well and as it used to be in the good old days when evreybody knew their place (and OUR place is at the top, of course)

    The enemies given vary according to the target audience: Blacks for you, Muslims for us, and on a more subtle but equally devastating level for all of us: the poor/unneccessary eaters, old aged people, women, and above all WHITES.
    Look at them, it’s THEIR fault. Don’t look at us, we are innocent.

    Regarding the 2 characters in question, Roche and Eichelburg, this is certainly true for the latter. I did not study Roche’s storyline closely, but at least the war-saviour- very few survivors story is there.


  7. If I hadn’t met him myself, I would say you were correct to be suspicious; I had those same questions. However, Simon has not hid anything and if you met him in person, he goes into great detail and I’m not talking about the initial presentation, I had an actual conversation with the guy.

    To clear up 567’s comments: he doesn’t have easy access to international travel. And he does not have some great elaborate network of radio host friends, bloggers, etc. Everything organized here in the states is organized by people here who are sympathetic to what’s going on in South Africa.

    I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone, just giving information on what I know to be true based on my personal experiences.

  8. clue number one: the name “Simon”.

    clue number two, though a small one: the name “Roche”.

    clue number three, a big one: he looks like a jew.

    clue number four: the religious pacifist mind-poison.

    clue number five: easy international travel.

    clue number six: network of support by half-truth radio shows, podcasters, etc.

    conclusion: crypto-jew. ENEMY jew.

  9. Hi Jan,
    my impression is that he is part of an effort to distract a certain group of people and keep them from doing the only thing(s) that would save them: gather together and fight (or run). I listened to him solely because Sinead/Renegade have arranged for his US-tour. I was slightly amazed that he – who, if he is genuine, must have a huge target on his back – was allowed out of Southafrica, but I gave it a shot anyway. What he said failed to interest me, for one this prophecy-hope for a saviour-theme as such repells me. But my main qualm comes from an Austrian7Viennese website ( that is very influential among just the right people (patriots/nationalists/reasonably well off and connected) in German speaking countries. He guy who runs it – most likely a jew – does exactly the same thing: he keeps tellíng his readers that a new “Kaiser” is just around the corner and that he will save us. As unlikely as this sounds, but people hold on to this hope. There is a lot more to say about this, and of course there a great many more organisations/parties etc. who’s sole function is to provide a pressure control valve for the “Volkszorn” (wrath of the people). But my point is that they both essentially tell their followers a totally unlikely story, which appeals to their deep needs and hopes and thus comforts them enough to keep still for a little longer. In essence they tell them a good-night-fairytale. All the while things in the real world keep progressing in the desired direction. It is the same old salami tactic (((they))) always use. In my impression Mr Roche is part of this effort.
    g***les last move really sucks. Please, do take care of yourself.

    1. Helen, what you write is utterly brilliant. I was unaware of the mention of the Kaiser. Oh boy. This is awesome. We must talk more. I was unaware of this BS being pushed by the Jews on the Germans. I’d like to know more about this story. This is very important. Thank you so much.

      1. Hi Jan,

        this guy, his name is Werner Eichelburg, gets a lot of ridicule for his insistance on the Kaiser coming back. But he also has a large readership and as can I see in people’s comments on other platforms and the few online-papers which still have a comment section the seeds he has been busily planting have blossomed far and wide. (As an aside: most papers closed their comment section, or it’s just for registered readers, for subcribers, or the comment section is only open on articles about fluffy topics. The available comment sections are not to be underestimated as release valve for the very desperate people here. I’ve once read that only 20% of people can actually process bad news that are not yet hitting them directly between the eyes, and I reckon that in country this is about the percentage of the population that is aware and very frustated and angry. The same is probably true for Austria. Even though people there might be a bit more aware and more likely to be up in arms.)
        About the Eichelburg character I can say, that I had dealings with him when I was still in Vienna. This was mediated through a third party and through email, so I never actualy met the guy in person, but he was very strict about Israel and the jews. No critisicm, no bad word about them was allowed. Same goes for the Rothschilds, whom he adores. Eichelburg can very well be a jewish name, Vienna having a large jewish community (tribal quarters, rather!), and him being from Vienna, chances are that he is a jew.
        He has 3 basic enemies: Muslims, socialists and democrats. The very much pushes hatred againt Muslims and uses very derogativ vocabulary for all his hate objects.
        The story he tells is in short: he is the medium through which “hidden elites” (i.e. minions of the Rothschilds) inform him in briefings about what is going to happen in the near future. They tell him that a new Kaiser will arise, who singlehandedly – or with a little help of the Russians – will end the war with the muslims who will slaughter us all in our sleep. After this the survivors will enter into a new glorious epoch of restored monarchies all over Europe, with Germany being the center of this new shining world. The surviving democrats, socialists, non-submissive women (essentially: me), pensioners, and all people on social security of any kind will either be dead or led off to some place in Siberia (Vorkuta? some lead mines or something like that). And then he and all the guys who like him and have enough gold at their disposal will be the new aristocracy (like (all) Austrians, he totally keen on titles!), and all will be well for them. Fuck the rest of us.
        That’s essentialy it. Some portions of this story have similarities with the prophecies of a guy called Alois Irlmaier. Eichelburg does not allude to prophecy, but some elements are around anway, and so people who this appeals to in the first place, find even easier to believe in the nonsense.
        As I said there is ridicule and his former business partner has opended his own website, where he essentialy does the same thing minus the Kaiser. I’m not too sure whether they really went their seperate ways. But that’s not too important.
        I cannot say how many people avutally believe in this story as such, but I am certain that many people are so desperate that any hope will do for them. We are so overrun, that literally vereywhere you go, there’s a muslim or (worse for my part) a black. Even up here on my little Black Forset mountain, in my little 600 people village there are at least 10 of them. One, a Syrian, and he actually is a Syrian, is my direct neighbour in the house. And the borders are non-extstant, they told us that we are nothing but a piece of land to be filled with whoever wishes to live here. And they keep flooding in. Here in my area, the Northern Black Forest, Baden-Baden being the next landmark, it’s mainly blacks (and how I hate them!), who come via Switzerland. And as it is a very nice region and (formerly) prosperous, they stay. Heidelberg, I am told, has a substantial African quarter now. The preferential treatment of these “new citizens” in all maters social, financial, and legal/judicial is unbelievable (not so far from what you have there in SA). Those people who are aware, and who have to endure 80% of their fellow Germans behaving like complete lunatics, do grasp at evrey straw. Believe me, I have been there. Not that I believed in the story, but wanted the END to this NIGHTMARE so much, that I was willing to let this hope in.
        Personally, I think this country is already lost. I know you do not like this, but I cannot help thinking this way. I wanted to run, back to Vienna, where my husband lives, but found that I cannot leave, so I stay to bear witness and do what little I can do, that is essentially talk to each and everybody, trying to open them up to reality. That is what many people do. We have so little leeway in every respect that it would take a lot more of us to actually get any kind of meaningful resistance going. And I cannot see those kind of masses anywhere out there.
        Anyway, that’s all for now. if you have any specific questions, please ask. It’s a lot easier to answer to a question than doing this kind of write-up (plus I am struggling with the language).
        Again, do take care of yourself.
        Regards, Helene (with an “e”)

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