Video: Hitler’s Elite: The Laws of the SS Order

We study the first translation of a NAZI book on the laws of the SS order. We discover the wonderful values these whites were taught. This is nothing at all like the lies the Jews and others have told us about the NAZIs. Study their actual values and you’ll see that these are values that are natural to our race and they are utterly fine values that all our children could do with. By fighting the Germans, we chose death and suicide for ourselves. What a dumb choice we made. This is based on information given to me by Norlux Bellator in Bulgaria!

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  1. “Born” in “Lebensborn” is a poetic term for “Brunnen”. This would be “well” or “fountain”, but I am not sure whether these 2 words invoke the same picture of a lined well, that “Brunnen” means to me/us. To me “Born” also carries the conotation of being a natural/artesian well, but I do not know if this is implied in the term or if that is just my own association. As far as I know this term has always been poetic, but it might be just an old word, which became used as such. Today it has become an atavism, which most youngsters probably won’t understand, let alone use.

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