Video: If Adolf Hitler had Internet access


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I did this video for Adolf Hitler’s birthday in 2016:

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler! Hitler’s propaganda ideas were PERFECT for the Internet & Smartphones! In Chapter 6 of Mein Kampf, we study exactly how Hitler saw propaganda working and why it must be aimed at THE MASSES & HOW to do it. Many of the modern memes on the social media are perfect examples of the brilliance Hitler would have approved of. He explained why you need propaganda and how to carry it out. Adolf Hitler was only 34 when he wrote Mein Kampf. Yet his ideas were firm & very clear. We also examine lies told about German tanks especially during the invasion of France. I also discuss people whom I know who are dedicated NAZIS and who have lost ALL HOPE for the White Race.

1 thought on “Video: If Adolf Hitler had Internet access”

  1. Excellent vid, Jan. Plenty of unplumbed insight here.
    On the matter of Alex Jewnes, of whom I used to be an avid listener until I noticed an anomaly.
    He was always saying that he was not anti-semitic and he always seems to come up in defence of the bogus state of Israel. It seems as if he is afraid of the Judeo-Christian and Christian influence and always dodges mention of Zionists.
    He’s never once mentioned the overwhelming Jewish influence in the Whitehouse and, what about all those Jews that are posing as conservatives in the Senate, etc. whom Donald Trump keeps on hand and keeps on appointing.
    I watched the interview that Jones had with Dr Dave and Alex kept on interrupting him until Mr Duke retorted quite forcefully, why wouldn’t Jones let him have his say?, pointing out that, how could Jones even invite him on and then not allow him to say anything by constantly interrupting him.
    Let me further say this, Jan: I think that Trump is one of the most successful coups enacted by the Zionists in a long time, in going to deceiving the American public and it won’t be long, if I’ve read the signs correctly, that the poor whites in America are going to be struggling for their lives again when this shill for the Rothschilds turns on them.
    Maybe, if you’re up to it, you can use that idea for another video.
    God! I’d love to see that. Wouldn’t that make some heads turn.
    I’d love to do it but I haven’t got the expertise and neither the platform.
    I haven’t as yet, got to go through all your stuff as I’m alternately trying to catch up on all I missed for 20 years when working as a white slave for the railways, ducking low undergound from the pro black shelling, but also trying to make ends meet. You know how pro black the railways are.
    Anyway, I’m getting there.
    Good stuff Jan. Your attitude is like a breath of fresh air, instead of all this defeatist shit we keep on hearing.

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