Video: Jews use Blacks (and Muslims) as bullets against White people

Jews misdirect not only white politics but black politics as well. They did it very effectively in the USA. This is an important excerpt from my interview with Brian where he was quoting David Duke who said that Jews use blacks as bullets. We discuss the ways in which Jews have created, nurtured and exploited racial hatred against white people. Have Jews created a race relations nightmare for white people across the world? We both think so. I also mention discussions I had with Alex Linder and recently Andrew Carrington Hitchcock in the UK and what they had to say about this topic.

Video: Dr Peter Hammond, trip to the USA updates: Also WW2, Germans, Anglo-Boer War casualties


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Dr Peter Hammond has just returned from his trip to the USA. We discuss that along with many other topics such as the lies about history, about the Germans and about the number of Boer women and children murdered by the British during the Anglo-Boer war. How did Western Christian civilisation slip from the hands of the whites and much much more.

Video: Science: Humans come from Europe NOT from Africa

Scientists have made a major discovery in Greece and Bulgaria which could turn the “Out of Africa” theory of the evolution of mankind on its head. They found remains which are dated older than anything yet found in Africa.

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Video: Hitler: The Nightmares of an Emperor


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When a man is as extremely powerful as Hitler was, he lives in a nightmare. I discuss an aspect of his character that all his enemies misrepresent in order to make him appear to be evil and demented. However, in my view this is a perfect proof that Hitler was indeed a true Ubermensch (superman/superior man) exactly as described by Nietzsche.

Video: Turning Liberal America & Europe into Jewish Russia – Part 1


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What is the ultimate goal of Liberalism? I discuss my views on Liberalism and why Liberalism is a train. But where is this train heading? WHY IS THIS TRAIN GOING THERE? That’s what I discuss in this video. You’ll see what the Jews know and did and why they need to change all (white) Western nations.

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Video: Why Jews go to Kings and Presidents

I discuss Henry Ford’s statement that “Jews go to Head Quarters”. I discuss various things I observed of the Jews I knew and their mad penchant for seeking out anyone with power, even non-Jews. Jews are an upper-class and the rest of us are a lower class much lower than them but we don’t realise this.

Video: Whites: Power Politics: How to have tea with the Queen

White people everywhere are doing Power Politics all wrong. This is a nasty, tough video, but men especially must watch this, especially Boers. This is about the only law that’s really out there in the world. I used to joke on AfricanCrisis: How do you get to have tea with the Queen of England? What will make her want to have tea with you? This is the answer. This is how the world actually works and why we whites are continuously losing. The path forward is not easy, but its very doable for our capable race. Above all we must: MAKE THE WHITE MALE GREAT AGAIN! He must roar like the Lion that he is.

Video: Jews & Germans: My Furious Email to famous Author and Editor of BIG Newspaper!

A famous Afrikaans author living in London and I had some angry interactions. He was busy reporting me to the biggest newspaper on a continent to have me investigated because of the truth I speak about the Jews and other things. He copied a man whom he said was the Editor in Chief of this newspaper. We exchanged some emails and I then said my say. This was my reply to them. They never replied to this email which I am reading in this video.

Video: The Super Rich, 3 former Presidents & Jews say: Get rid of Zuma!

I analyse a story wherein 3 former Presidents of South Africa including FW De Klerk (whom I call “The Biggest Loser”) are all openly coming out to unseat President Zuma. The Boers were right all along. The wolf we feared is at our door now. I explain how the Liberal scum lied and tricked the whites into the situation we’re now in. I mention too the super rich Jewess Helen Suzman, who was a lifelong enemy of the Boers. I discuss the plan of the Super-Rich, Liberal scum & Jews to take over all of Africa’s businesses and what a flop that turned into. I discuss the joke Liberal concept from ten years ago of “The African Rennaisance”. I explain the real reason why the super-rich & Jews like Democracy and how these same people now openly attack the very thing that they helped to create because as always they do whatever the hell they please. Now they try to use Section 89 of the constitution to unseat Zuma.

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