Video: SA WAR: Massed Black attacks on Whites in 2 small towns?

Yesterday messages came to me indicating that some large scale violence by the blacks was in progress. News was scanty but I did what I could and worked through the night. Here’s the resulting video. I’m still gathering info as info was coming in even after I did the video. The MSM seems to say almost nothing about this, but the private messages coming in indicate otherwise. You’ll also see on the actual film footage at the beginning of the video that there was a lot of violence. I also used the Suidlander’s map to show how much black “protest” violent action is going on in South Africa.

Today I got news and messages from different sources including a voice message in Afrikaans where a white man talks about the mass evacuation of all the residents of the small town of Coligny. I also got a text message saying that the black violence in Lichtenburg is so bad that the Police have run out of ammunition and will withdraw from that town.

The website that ran the original story got its info from a Police clips website. Here is the story they ran on Lichtenburg:

The searchsa website has other nasty crime stories plus photos. Don’t miss this one about a cash-in-transit vehicle that was bombed. You’ll see the photos of the shot up vehicles. This was very violent:

A young white Afrikaans woman was murdered by blacks in front of her husband and two children:

An experienced Afrikaans Policeman, a Warrant Officer was murdered and his body was found:

You’ll find many crime stories on that site along with the accompanying photos.

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