Video: BANNED: Adolf Hitler: The Messiah – Part 1

We will view & discuss a video that’s banned worldwide! NordLux Bellator created a video (now banned) called: The Divine Order.

It is a tribute to Hitler and his NAZI (National Socialist) followers. What is religion? Is it valid to call Nazism a religion? Is Communism a religion? My view is that religion now is BELIEF but it used to be SCIENCE (long ago). I discuss the American NAZI genius Rockwell who learned from Hitler and his brilliant plan (which is still very workable) for “a balanced political army” which can save the white race of America.

6 thoughts on “Video: BANNED: Adolf Hitler: The Messiah – Part 1”

  1. Hi Jan. If you want to know what the Europeans were like before judeo christianity., before the 2000 year of insanity send me a email. Great video . I would subscribe but dount know how. Not a computer fundie

    1. Hi Koos,
      I’ll add you to my mailing list then you’ll see as the videos go out and you can comment on them.
      Thanks for your post!
      Warm wishes,

  2. Hi Jan. Very good to come across you again after all this time. I wondered what had happened to you. Hollow planets and Government by deception were my introduction to you and as a fellow SA very meaningful.

    Very interesting that you have unintentionally found your way to NS as I have, though for me it was through the destruction of my soul and a long 6 years of research to find a way to begin growing it back again.

    I have found these resources of the utmost value and in light of this very interesting video I thought I would share them with you and hopefully you can get maximum benefit from them.

    Personally I think that all NS with a spiritual leaning should acquaint themselves with the scientific method of growing a soul/consciousness as I believe that is where our Aryan ancestors lived – from an expanded consciousness.
    From an expanded consciousness comes our power and stability; from it comes the eternal Warrior Hero.

    1. Thanks very much Randy. It means a lot to me.

      I’ll read your long post and study it more carefully.

      I’m busy preparing a massive campaign regarding the Jews for here in South Africa.
      The first video has just been released on my AfricanCrisis Channel. I’ll also put up a link on History Reviewed TV.

      I’m just getting ready Randy. I’m going to give it my everything in the coming weeks to see if I can give things a real push. I’m hoping people will support me. I need every supporter I can get.

      Take care,

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