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Video: The War between Christians & Jews

Here we look at the theological war between Christianity & Judaism. I also discuss other historical aspects. The Pastor you will see here is excellent – the best .

Video: Jew Shock: When Whites go Wonky!

I discuss nutty ideas on the White Right & how nobody was nuttier than me. But this nutiness is good news. Whites are DISCONNECTING from the Jew World Order. Its time to dump it.

Video: Jews believe THEY ARE GOD!

Jews believe the Jewish People ARE GOD & that they are ABOVE ALL THE LAWS OF NON-JEWS. The Jewish Messiah NEVER came to create Israel. This is a direct violation of their own prophecies. I tell of a discussion I had with my Jewish friend & his Rabbi and they told me that Israel should NOT EXIST. The Rabbi’s in the synagogue’s are the people are the heart of the “Jewish problem”. It begins with those Rabbis in those synagogues. If Mosques can be shut down in Western countries, then why can’t synagogues be shut down? Jews are the ULTIMATE HYPOCRITES! In this video I read emails between myself and an old Rhodesian I know as I try to wake him up to the Jewish problem. This video contains an excerpt from The Great Jewish Mask where it discusses the Jews seeing themselves as God. The Jews believe they must control ALL the world’s wealth and rule over all peoples who will be their slaves.

Video: What they don’t tell you about Africa’s Colonisation and Decolonisation

This is an interview I did with Ted of “A Stranger in my Own Land”. We discussed how Whites colonised Africa and what state Africa was in before whites came. Later we discussed in quite a lot of detail the many Liberation Wars in Africa and what really went on. Ted was quite astounded by the complexity of the many wars here against the whites and how the blacks were backed and funded. We discuss the many lies and misconceptions that the world’s Mass Media told about us whites in Africa.

Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks

A young Boer I knew, Gilbert, told me of the time in the early 1990s when he served in the South African Army and was stationed in the townships. He described the tactics the Boers used to smash violent black crowds with a minimum loss of life. This is a follow up on questions Alex Linder asked me about life in South Africa wherein he asked why black crowds are singing and dancing.

Video: How Black Women steal…

My 80 year old Mom told me some of the things she learned about how black women actually steal because she did volunteer work at a Christian Charity store. Here is actual film footage from CCTV that shows exactly the strange stories my late Mom told me.

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Video: Beyond Black and White: A breakdown of different race groups in SA

Alex Linder and Jan discuss race relations in South Africa as they are now. What are the various races of people in South Africa and how do they view each other and of special importance, how do they view Whites?

Video: Daily Life as 9% Minority: The White Experience in the New South Africa

Alex Linder interviews Jan about what life is like now in South Africa after whites have been ruled by blacks for over 20 years. In a nation where non-whites make up over 90% of the population they still need Affirmative Action; Black Economic Empowerment and well over 100 laws to discriminate specifically and ONLY against white people … and still its not giving the blacks the results they wanted. We discuss crime, guns, black ability in the workplace and many other things.

Video: White People are Human Nuclear Energy!

I discuss the role of white people in the world and how everything actually revolves around them. That whites generate an energy and when the whites are gone, everyone else also goes down.