2 BRILLIANT Memes: The Jews want the Whites’ Guns banned… Guns are more important than FREE SPEECH!

[Here are two brilliant memes. The Jews everywhere are trying to have the guns of white people taken away. NEVER SURRENDER YOUR GUNS FFS! Guns are MORE IMPORTANT THAN FREE SPEECH. If you lose your gun, you will lose your free speech. But if you lose your free speech, you can always get it back with a GUN! Therefore, guns are more important than free speech. They can censor us as much as they want … but as long as we have guns, we can take back anything the hell we want, including our free speech … over their, er dead f*cking bodies! The 1st meme below is of the Tsar and his family who were murdered by Jewish Communism during the hideous Bolshevik revolution. Jan]

3 thoughts on “2 BRILLIANT Memes: The Jews want the Whites’ Guns banned… Guns are more important than FREE SPEECH!

  • 10th November 2018 at 10:12 pm

    I can do one even better.

    Up to 1981, no one in America underwent a federal background check to purchase a gun. Up to 1986, it was legal for Americans to own machine guns. I’m certain many still own them as part of their collections. Number of “mass shootings” with machine guns in U.S. history: ZERO.

    In the 470 or so years between the founding of the first U.S. colonies in the mid 16th century to today, gun ownership has been an integral part of American life and American Constitutional freedoms. The number of “mass shootings” between 1550 and 1998: ZERO.

    The number of “mass shootings” in the last 20 years: approximately 30. Hmmmmmm…..

    • 11th November 2018 at 4:45 pm

      Brilliantly said. And thanks for the info on machine guns.

      Most of these mass shootings, according to Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, take place in “gun free zones”.

      The Jews are just screwing with everyone’s head. They fear the whites of America and their guns.

      I rate guns as the most important asset you have, even more important than free speech. Just buy more guns, more ammo and NEVER GIVE IT UP!


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