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Book Promotion for History Reviewed Supporters

All you have to do is donate AT LEAST $25, and I will send you a coupon code which will entitle you to a $13 discount on books you buy directly from Third Reich Books. You can only get one coupon per donation.

At Third Reich Books you’ll find hundreds of Third Reich books that were translated into several European languages! (The owner, Gerhard, translated at least 300 books from German to English himself – a mammoth task!). The books have been translated into several European (white) languages! So you can read the German writings in any language that suits you! Isn’t that AWESOME? So please also support the fantastic work of Gerhard and Third Reich Books!
Sieg Heil! (Hail Victory!) 14/88

I am deeply grateful for any support I can get, especially since being driven off Youtube. Paypal has shut all 3 Paypal a/cs that I had tried to open. So its been a struggle since Paypal banned me in June 2017. I’m trying to make ends meet and I’m very grateful for any monies I receive.

    How to Donate:-

  • To Donate by Credit Card, click here: NB: As of May 9, 2018 – This has been suspended. There is various red-tape that I’m waiting to be completed before it can continue. Drop me a message on the contact us page if you want to donate using a credit card.
  • For Donations using Bitcoin, here is my Bitcoin receiving address: 12YNcmndgW4GeCBbFPY9y21q4K4w79p3Q7
  • For people who wish to donate with Western Union or International Bank Transfers, then: Send me a message
  • For all other queries, then: Send me a message

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