4 Pics: S.Africa: White Female teacher attacked viciously by Black Student: NO OUTRAGE


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[This Afrikaans woman’s really quick and bold thinking saved her life. Her survival is truly amazing. The sentences don’t surprise me. Everything in South Africa now works against whites … everywhere. I observed it in the corporate world when I was still working there, before they drove me out. The entire system has been turned upside down. We are ruled by our ENEMIES now, and they make things work the way that suits them.

It is not surprising the light sentences a black like this gets. They get many light sentences … even for murder. A murderer or serial killer will be out of jail in 10 years, while a white goes to jail for just using the K word. This is the system that communists/Liberals/Jews wanted. Now its here, and now its a nightmare for us whites.

Our only hope is to defend ourselves and to protect ourselves. This is the nightmare that is coming to the USA first, and then to Europe. Jan]

HOW can I ever turn my back on a class to write on a blackboard? That’s what Karin Coetzee asks – the teacher from Edenburg, Free State, who was attacked by an old black hooligan student  in her home last year.

Coetzee carries the scars on her cheek, nose, lip and hand after the attack on October 27 last year. Her minor attacker – an old black student of hers – was jailed for two years last week. Because he is not yet 18, he cannot be identified by law. Coetzee is bitterly unhappy about the short sentence and scared “What happens if he is released one day? There was so much hate in him.” She said the boy’s father told her last year that he (the father) would “ come and finish himself what his son had begun.”

COETZEE after the unprovoked attack by a young black hooligan. Yet the South African racist media– and that ever present black ANC, EFF and BLF rioters that quickly could assemble in front of courts when a black has been ‘offended” became eerily silent when whites are attacked like this by blacks. 

The boy was in her classroom seven years ago. Grade 4, but never completed the year. Two months before the attack, the young hooligan  threw stones at her car, and then the investigator’s car as well. The boy (then 15 years old) came back to her house on the afternoon of the attack. Coetzee, her two children and a friend, Neline Jacobs, were in the garden when Jacobs’s car alarm went off. “We got up and ran inside the house. ” Karin’s daughter, Courtney (3), went to watch television and Jacobs went to the bathroom. Karin spoke to her mother on the phone when she heard her friend shouting. As she looked up, the 15-year-old hooligan was already inside with a knife in his hand.

Coetzee’s son, Eliah (19 months), stood behind her. “I pushed Eliah very hard inside the bedroom and told my mother she should come now.” She then fought for her life. She had been stabbed several times. Blood flowed from a wound to her neck. Each time she slipped in her own blood that covered the floor. The blood ran in her eyes and obstructed her sight. When she shouted that the police arrived and are outside the door, the young hooligan  panicked and ran outside. She managed to close the door behind him then.

He was arrested by police 20 minutes later along the N1. He admitted to detectives that he wanted to kill Coetzee.

A court order that the boy’s father should not bother her is still in place. The hooligan’s brother is also imprisoned for the possession of an illegal firearm and motor theft. She said her husband, Dewald, is fuming about the short sentence. Coetzee has been on leave for the last 10 months, but says she fears the first school day next year. “I have to carry my medical costs and the therapy sessions for my two children myself; the co-payments come out of my pocket. And then my children still ask: “Mom, when does the guy with the long knife come back to harm us?”

The face of the young arrogant black thug that attacked Coetzee- here “proudly” displaying the knife used in the attack- as well as his Gangster sign– very “chaffed” with himself while his little friend shows a sign of holding a gun.  As you can observe- this photo was taken in a classroom. The question is why was he allowed to bring a dangerous weapon to school? What happened to all the ANC’s bullsh*t about carrying dangerous weapons and the hefty jail sentences that awaits(mainly whites) if such a weapon is discovered on a person?

A white woman- Vicky Momberg– got 3 years jail time-  1 year suspended- for alleged “racist” remarks. Nobody got hurt. Factually was she robbed (hi-Jacked) by black thugs-  and in a state of shock when she uttered the “racist” remarks. But the non-white judge had no mercy or leniency- she was punished the hardest way possible to make an “example” of her.

This young black thug violently attacked a white woman without provocation- nearly killing her– but he also get only 2 years jail time- of which he most probably will only serve 1 year…if that much. He is a “minor.” His “rights” are fully protected- not so the white victim’s. Do you see the raping of justice taking place between black and white in South Africa? Being a white “racist” weighs far more  heavier in the South African hippocratic kangaroo courts than a black murderer. And so more and more black attackers and murderers are cultivated. They are the “heroes. “  They are the “black nationalists” that will rid Africa of the “racist” white “colonials.” That is what the black politicians advocate. They attacked a “racist” white. In jail they are groomed and patronized for their evil deeds. They are shrouded with leniency- both from the judiciary – and criminals alike.

This is the direct result of evil mobsters such as Malema and Mnxitama’s continuous hate speech against whites- a generation of violent predators  now are on the prowl for so-called “revenge” against whites. Malema, Mnxitama, Zuma et al should be arrested and charged withinstigating a genocide as well as human rights violations and atrocities against human society for their share in the murderous culture now busy ruining the country.

You can read the rest here: https://www.whitenationnetwork.com/archives/68213

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