IMPORTANT: MASSIVE Jewish Censorship on Gab – Tens of Thousands of Whites deleted


It appears to me that the Jews and Torba have been engaging in a MASSIVE Censorship of “Free Speech” Gab. Torba’s claim that you can “Speak Freely” on Gab is now going down the toilet because of this synagogue shooting by Robert Bowers – which ALEX and I TOTALLY SUPPORT! Just because one guy did something does not mean that there are tens of thousands of whites ready to go and blow away some more Jews – though, I wish there were!

I think Torba is showing what a newbie he is, by going into panic overdrive like this. He’s done great stuff with Gab, but here he’s been caught, and he’s not looking good. I suspect that they’ve gone through their database, found every instance of someone talking about killing Jews and then deleted the people. Given the vast number of people who are being removed, I’m questioning whether “killing Jews” is the only search term they’re deleting people for. I find it impossible to believe that so many whites talked about killing Jews.

From my own support base, I calculated that they’d deleted 3% of my followers. I find it impossible to believe that 3% of my followers spoke about killing Jews. Another Gab creator gave me the statistics of his losses, and he lost 3.7% of his followers. I’ve seen what he posts and I find it impossible to believe that killing Jews is the only criteria being used.

Alex Linder confirmed that he lost his Gab a/c. He tried to contact Torba to ask about his 15,000 Tweets … but it seems he will never get his own tweets back from Gab.

Torba was growing fast, and thinking this game is easy. Now he’s panicked and done a dreadful thing. This will definitely hurt Gab.

I noticed Jewish Censorship scum on Gab and had my first interactions with them.

All I can guess/say is that I think, at the very least Gab has deleted tens of thousands of accounts, and I’m sure all of them were white. I never saw a black or other race on Gab.

Its hard to estimate Gab’s database size but they were saying that Gab was growing by 100,000 per month. I would guess that Gab had AT LEAST 500,000-1 million accounts – MINIMUM. Perhaps much more. But if we work on the 500,000 to 1 million – then we’re looking at a minimum of 15,000-30,000 whites deleted. Perhaps the real number is more.

So the untold story of Gab currently is the MASSIVE Jewish Censorship of Gab. I wish we had more accurate statistics.

I would like to find these people who were deleted off Gab. I would like to know who else was deleted and what they think they were deleted for. Were they ever notified of anything? (I suspect not).

I do NOT take lightly to the idea that Whites/Nazis/Racialists should be censored. It is ridiculous to delete so many accounts on the basis of 11 dead Jews shot by 1 white guy. I very much doubt that more mass killers would have come out of Gab. This is just pure nonsense and bogus excuses to censor something that was running well. I think Torba will need to grow harder if he is to remain a force in this game. This is how it goes when you’re dealing with Jewish shit. GET USED TO IT!

I spoke to a guy I’ll call “The Censorship Jew” on Gab. He told me that only NAZI accounts are being deleted. I don’t know how accurate his info is.

I really wish we knew more about how many whites were kicked off. This is DREADFUL.

I’ve been talking to Alex Linder about the situation. We’re busy throwing some ideas around. Watch this space… Jan

5 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: MASSIVE Jewish Censorship on Gab – Tens of Thousands of Whites deleted

  • 10th November 2018 at 7:56 pm

    The word gabbai is Aramaic and, in Talmudic times, meant (should read means) collector of taxes or charity, or treasurer.

    The term shamash is sometimes used for the gabbai, the caretaker or “man of all work” in a synagogue. i.e. a Mossad operation

  • 10th November 2018 at 3:29 am

    Jan, thank you so much for the heads up. Gab is dead, time to move on and build ourselves a new one.

    • 10th November 2018 at 6:45 am

      Hi Frank,
      I totally agree with you. We must find a new home for the “white homeless” from Gab. I’ve noticed that every social media that whites are putting up now says: No criticism of Jews allowed. This is a load of rubbish. We need a JEW FREE Social Media for WHITES ONLY! Nothing less is acceptable. I also want people to find all the “Gab Refugees”. We need to find them and find a home for them. I have seen some spirit on Gab among the whites there. But with Torba losing his balls… that’s a big problem.

      WHITE RACIALISTS MUST HAVE THEIR FREE SPEECH. This is a position we must never divert from.

      • 10th November 2018 at 8:45 am

        The funny thing is that Gab and Twitter are quite literally “weekend projects” for a decent software engineer. The TRICK is to find a safe home that would provide a save server space AND a safe ISP AND a safe DNS registrar. Has anyone really come up with this secret sauce? If so then it would not be so hard to even outdo Gab…


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