Pic: Swastikas in Ancient Greece… Symbol of the White Race!

[Adolf Hitler chose a beautifully appropriate symbol for our race … a symbol found all over the place. The oldest swastikas are 12,000+ years old. My Boer Nazi pal found this photo. This is of Swastikas in ancient Greece! This is our symbol. Hitler regarded the Swastika as an “unconquerable symbol”. I think that if all whites will unite and gather around this symbol … then indeed you will see that he was right … it IS UNCONQUERABLE … because if our race stood together … WE WOULD BE UNCONQUERABLE!

The Swastikas below are from a floor pattern in Ancient Greece!

My Boer NAZI pal wrote: “Swastikas in Ancient Greece. Ancient ILIOU melahtron mosaic in Athens typical of the Aryan people.”

If any Jew/Liberal/Communist tells you that the Swastika is a “symbol of hate”, then just tell them to f*ck off! 14/88 Jan]

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