9 Pics: WW2: Raping & Killing White Women & Children: Murder of German & Finnish innocents – 2 million women raped


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[The above photo is of dead Finnish victims at the end of WW2. Dennis Wise in the UK is always busy telling the ghastly truth about WW2 and those hideous “good allies” who destroyed those “evil” NAZIs. Yes, those “good” Anglo-Americans, who are always happy to kill for economic purposes to sustain their Jewish wealth. They happily aligned themselves with “Good old Uncle Joe Stalin” who boasted about executing “anti-semites” in the 1930s, among many other horrors.

I don’t mention the incredible Fins enough. The Fins were invaded by the hideous Jewish Bolsheviks of Russia before WW2 began!?!?! And apparently, Britain and America had no problem with that!!! When Communists invade innocent little countries nobody in London or DC is particularly perturbed about it. No outcry or threats of war came from London and Washington!

So later the Fins fought on the side of the Germans and many joined the Waffen SS and did excellent anti-communist work on the eastern front.

When the war finally turned sour for the Germans and their allies, here is what happened to some of the women and children. The photos I’m showing you are just a tiny, tiny portion of the massive atrocities which took place. I think something like 2 million German women were raped by the Soviets. But hey, those good Allies, especially the Americans, were not to be left out of the matter!! They also committed atrocities. I suspect though, that the British and Americans may also have lied about their atrocities and reduced the numbers. Who is checking their facts?

Here’s something that Dennis posted on Gab. Here you see his remarks about these German women and children killed in Prussia:

In the photo below, Dennis shows us the killing of little white children in Finland by the communists. Dennis wrote the following about the photo below:

The US & UK poured supplies into the Soviet Union knowing of the atrocities that were being commited.

Here Communist has murdered a Finnish child and is showing off his work. You can see the bodies of other children in the truck behind him.

Lokka, July 14, 1944.

Their crime? Finland sided with Germany against the Jew.


So, folks, this is just a tiny insight into the enormous disaster for our race, that we call World War 2.

There are many massacres, and unlike the Jewish holocaust/holohoax mythy, where not a single body has been exhumed, the truth is that for the whites, there is stacks of evidence of terrible atrocities. In Bleiburg, Austria, anything between 50,000-250,000 white people were murdered in 5 days. People were thrown into caves and pits, which were opened in recent years to investigate the deaths. 

Europe lost. Jewish Communism and Jewish Liberalism won. The White Race: LOST!!!

It was the biggest disaster of our race since the fall of the Roman Empire. Truly hideous.

Below is a short article and photos describing some of the rape and murder that carried on for at least 2 weeks at the end of the war, and how German men were killed if they tried to protect their women. Jan]

One young officer coming upon a unit that had overtaken a column of German refugees fleeing westward later recalled: ‘Women, mothers and their children lie to the right and left along the route, and in front of each of them stands a raucous armada of men with their trousers down. The women who are bleeding or losing consciousness get shoved to one side, and our men shoot the ones who try to save their children.’ A group of ‘grinning’ officers was standing near by, making sure ‘that every soldier without exception would take part’.

mass-rape-german-women-ww2-001-e1433595074847  6620_18 db784f03ce31ace98096a7259e46057f

Women and girls were subjected to serial rape wherever they were encountered. Rape was often accompanied by torture and mutilation and frequently ended in the victim being shot or bludgeoned to death.

berlin rape  hqdefault

The raging violence was undiscriminating. Often, especially in Berlin, women were deliberately raped in the presence of their menfolk, to underline the humiliation. The men were usually killed if they tried to intervene. In East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia it is thought that around 1.400.000 women were raped, a good number of them several times. Gang-rapes were the norm rather than the exception. The two largest Berlin hospitals estimated that at least 100.000 women had been raped in the German capital. Many caught a sexually transmitted disease, and not a few fell pregnant; the vast majority of the latter obtained an abortion, or, if they did give birth, abandoned their baby in hospital. The sexual violence went on for many weeks, even after the war formally came to an end. German women learned to hide, especially after dark; or, if they were young, to take a Soviet soldier, preferably an officer, as a lover and protector. On 4 May 1945 an anonymous Berlin woman wrote in her diary: ‘Slowly but surely we’re starting to view all the raping with a sense of humour -gallows humour.’

She noted with a certain satisfaction that the Russian soldiers tended to prefer plump and well-fed women as their victims after the initial fury was over, and that these, unsurprisingly, were usually the wives of Nazi Party functionaries.

holocaust-rape  Holocaust-woman-raped-Nemmersdorf

Source: https://ww2gravestone.com/2-million-german-women-aged-13-70-were-allegedly-raped-by-the-red-army-on-wwii/

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