How 10 Israeli Mossad snipers were killed in Africa! – Zimbabwe: When Mugabe hired Mossad to kill his Generals!


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Video & Audio: Israeli Snipers were killing American Soldiers in Iraq
This is an extremely nasty story which I suspect has been totally covered up by the Mass Media. It appears this was well known to American soldiers and officers who fought in Iraq after 911. This story is probably classified.It is about (IDF) Israeli Defence Force snipers engaging in false-flag operations and killing American troops.

[Last year there was a strange coup in Zimbabwe. Mugabe, a communist dictator of 37 years, was ousted by his Vice President and the Generals in his army. At the time I came upon a strange story that in the various violence, that some Israelis were killed! What were Israelis doing in Zimbabwe? Well, the story has finally been published in full on an independent Zimbabwean website. Pardon some of their english, but here is a story as told by the blacks. I’ve reproduced everything exactly as on the original website article including the spelling mistakes. 

This is typical of how communism breaks everything. Communism is so hideous that it breaks even the relations between people on the same side. In this case, Mugabe realised that the time had come to kill his Generals, and smash his Vice President. He had already murdered most of his black comrades in prior years. But, as you will see, for the first time ever, they beat him to the punch and he went down instead. This is a communist vs communist fight. So there are no good guys. The same communists continue ruling Zimbabwe which once was the thriving nation of Rhodesia. All that’s happened is that the black commies changed their leadership in a power struggle!

Take note that they say this report appeared online and was then suppressed. Now someone else has managed to get this info out.

NB: Zambia is a neighbouring country, and Lungu is its president. The Mossad were preparing to operate from there and had brought a drone with. In this story, the commander of the Zimbabwean army threatened to invade Zambia within an hour, and the president of Zambia backed down. For the record, the Zimbabwean army is a battle-hardened and dangerous black army. It is probably the best black army in southern Africa. If it had to attack Zambia, it would have torn the Zambian army apart in no time at all.  

However, this story of the Israeli Mossad is fascinating. I have been aware for years of more and more evidence that Israel worked with this black communist freak, Mugabe. Mugabe bought many things from Israel in order to suppress his own people. The Jews were also involved with the big diamond find and with communist China. Israel was right in there with all these communist scum. This is the Israel that whites in the West mistakenly believe is an ally of America and the West! Nope! Anyway, I had a good chuckle at the thought that 10 of Israel’s best were killed by black soldiers in Africa! So the Mossad is not invincible! Jan]

REPORT: Mugabe and Chombo paid US$10 million to Israeli snipers to kill Chiwenga and his generals?


Every country with Dictatorship keeps a certain amount of money in the Central Bank in case of a coup. This money is not touched or used by anybody except on the Directive of the President. With Zimbabwe only two days before the coup Mugabe had talked with the Israelites (Mosad) that his Military would like to make a coup.

They discussed about the cost of hiring Snipers and a Battalion to counter this. The Israelites sent in a Forward Team to Zimbabwe two days before the coup for Reconnaissance purposes, negotiating and signing of the Contract. The main aim was to eliminate all the Commanders of the ZDF before the implication of the coup.

On the day before the coup Robert Mugabe summoned Chombo (Minister of Finance) and Mangudya (Reserve Bank Governor). They discussed with Mosad about the Costs. The deposit which was charged was 10 Million. Mangudya was ordered to release the money and give it to Chombo so that they would pay Mosad.

Hence the statement by Grace “Kana imi muchiti munogona kupfura nesuwo tinogona kupfura”. She was confident their plan to eliminate Chiwenga, Shiri, Chihuri etc was going to work. Kudzai Chipanga also knew about the Mosad deal. Like Amai he had all the hopes in it and never thought the coup would succeed particularly with the help of Mosad. That is why he was so dare to read his Communique at ZANU PF Headquarters. He was sure Chiwenga and his guys would not withstand Mosad and particularly with the assistance of Lungu who had agreed to use Zambia as Launch pad for Mosad.

Mosad had already set up an office and Drone Lounge Pad in Zambia. Mugabe, Amai, Chombo, Chipanga and Lungu never thought their plan would fail. That’s why Chipanga was even dare enough to challenge the Generals.

Back to our story. 10 Million deposit amount was collected and put at Chombo,s residence before the night of the coup. At the house were Mosad Elite snipers. But everything went suddenly wrong for Mugabe and his team. [NAME WITHHELD] sold out their deal to the Generals. He told them about Mosad and the 10 Million deal. The coup went on before the 10 million was expatriated out of Zimbabwe by Mosad.

Mosad and the 10 million were still at Chombos residence. The Generals particularly knew the Mosad deal and the 10 million hence the need to raid armed to the tooth. The ZRP body guards at Chombo’s residence exchanged fire with the army. In fact they started firing. They were now under command of Mosad. They thought no one would beat them particularly with the help of the Israelites.

At Chombo’s residence 4 ZRP body guards and 10 Mosad Snipers were shot dead. Only one ZNA soldier died. That is why the entry at Chombo’s residence was forceful. When the resistance was crushed the second phase was to find the 10 million. During the exchange of fire between the coup soldiers and Mosad Chombo had hidden the bags containing the money in the ceiling.

Iye pachake Chombo had no personal money of this magnitude at his house. So when confronted Chombo refused any knowledge of this money. So came the thorough beating.

The soldiers knew it was there and Chombo was refusing. Chombo thought they would give him a minor beating and later leave him to enjoy his loot. He was totally wrong. It was not even Chombo who told them that the money was in the ceiling. The Gunmen wren-sacked the whole house on their own until they found the money. This denial of knowledge of the money warranted more beatings to Chombo according to the Gunmen.

Also take note of events. Mugabe refused to resign at the first instance claiming “We have friends” meaning Mosad and Zambian Lungu. After the Coop Lungu had decided to go on with the Plan but Chiwenga threatened to take every inch of Zambia within 1 hour.

Lungu sat down with his Generals who confirmed it as true. They admitted they would not stand Zimbabwean fire power. He tried to ask for assistance from Botswana and Botswana also refused citing the same shortfalls.

When Mugabe was refusing to sign he didn’t know about all these outside happenings. When Mugabe was finally shown the battered Chombo and the dead Mosad Snippers he knew totally well that their plan had flopped.


The battle between the Generals and Chombo is not stealing Money but hiring Mosad to kill them. The battle between Chipanga and the Gunmen is not about Corruption! “No no no!” But his knowledge about Mosad and the planned elimination of Generals. Source – Online


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