11 Memes: Similarities between Christianity & Communism – Was Jesus a proto-Communist?


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2007: S.Africa: AIDS: Drug Resistant TB: People will die like flies in southern Africa
This was an article I published from a White pathologist in S.Africa. AIDS and TB combine to kill lots of Blacks. The pathologist sent me some really interesting info in this article.

[I stumbled upon this excellent comparison of communist quotes that match what is said in the Bible. You get devout Christians who believe that if we were all Christian, then life together would be heaven. I even published a recent poll on Twitter on this subject: Whites: Do you want to live in a 100% White nation or in a 100% Christian nation? In here, one third of whites responded saying that they would prefer to live in a multiracial society as long as it was all Christian!

What would life be like if everyone was a Christian? Well, you need only look at the history of Europe and how the Jews assisted in the division of Christianity and then WHITE CHRISTIANS killed each other by the MILLION! e.g. The Thirty Years War – when about 8 million whites were killed. All of them were Christians, battling each other, and the war is known for some of the worst human atrocities as well as the greatest destruction of property seen in centuries. All the participants were Christians! So that’s White Christians vs White Christians. Does it sound any better than when White Pagans were against White Pagans? Nope!

What would happen if vast numbers of non-Whites became Christians? How would that go? Well, across Southern Africa and far up into Africa we have hundreds of millions of black Christians … and its even worse! 70% of the population of South Africa, of which 9% is white, are CHRISTIAN! Yet, you only have to look at the murder, crime and other rates to realise that things are truly rotten. Yet Christians are totally dominant in this country!

This is just a little bit of history, but there’s much more in fact. Christianity has many dark secrets including its horrors and crimes. You might think of the crime of the Spaniards with the Inquisition, but stop there! I’ll get to that topic. The Spanish Christians did NOT commit the crimes they are accused of. 

However, of real interest are the VALUES that Christians hold so dear. Christians believe in many values which they think are TOTALLY UNIQUE TO CHRISTIANITY, but which in fact existed for thousands of years BEFORE Christianity. Many “Christian values” are actually not even Christian values but White Pagan values! Pagans, for the record, are responsible for inventing legal systems and proper law, which exists in various forms across the world. Here in South Africa we run on “Roman Dutch Law”. The Romans were pagans for the vast majority of their history. Many Christians erroneously believe that lots of their values are unique to Christianity, when in fact they are not.

But then there are valuaes in Christianity, which are NOT Pagan, but which have definite Jewish/Christian roots, and upon closer inspection, they seem to have a lot of similarity towards communism.

One Christian value that I think is insane, is “turn the other cheek”. Christianity basically encourages lawlessness in certain respects. It acts in a way directly contrary to law, and the FAIRNESS of Law. A totally suicidal Christian value is “Love your enemy”. That must be the worst piece of advice in the history of the world.

Below are various quotes comparing either Communism and Christianity directly, or giving Christian Bible quotes, and you can easily see the communism hidden therein. These direct Bible quotes, read like a communist document.

The comparison between Christianity and Communism is clearly something that whites have discussed a long time ago, and you will see that there are books written by Christians trying to refute the similarities.

The Bible is definitely aimed at the bottom rung of people, giving hope to the hopeless, is a term I’ve heard Christians use. In that sense, Communism has a similar mission. It takes the dregs of society, and here in Africa, it is the blacks, and it takes those at the bottom and promotes them to the top. The Bible says things like this:-

The Bible is pandering to the people at the bottom of society and so is Communism. Nowadays, Liberalism has moved in on that piece of action too. Is it simply the case that when you aim at the bottom of society, that the same desires are timeless? That 10,000 years from now, the same lines will be as effective on the future dregs of society as they have been in the last 2000 years? 

We in Rhodesia and South Africa believed we were fighting Communism … Were we fighting Communism? Or were we fighting Blacks? Were we kidding ourselves about what we were really fighting? Were we too meek to say that we were fighting a Race War and that the real clash was racial, whereas everyone else could see that the clash was racial? 

Could the similarities between Christianity and Communism be the reason why we whites in Africa are unable to fight communism with every ounce of energy we have?

Read the following and make up your own mind. Was Jesus a proto-Communist? Is the Bible preaching Communist values? Decide for yourself. Jan]

This comparison below is what really got me thinking about this topic. The author below asks: Is Communism Christianity for Atheists?

I have also stumbled on a number of things relating to Russia and Putin, and Communism and Christianity. It seems to me that Putin, who is a communist, and was in the KGB; and the Christians have some kind of deal going. Thus they present Putin as “Christian” and Russia as “Christian” … But is it merely a deal between Christians and Communists? I came across this meme on someone’s blog where they were saying, that Christianity and Communism in Russia are pretty much the same thing.



And on a humorous note, if Christianity and Communism are similar, that would put a different spin on The Last Supper!!

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