A Very Important message from Tom Metzger to modern National Socialists (NAZIs!) – quoting Hitler!


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[Tom Metzger has been doing his utmost for whites for decades. We were discussing what happened to the whites at Charlottesville who were arrested and some were thrown in jail – I’m not sure how many. But as usual, no antifa, no Marxists were arrested. Only the whites ended up in prison.

Tom put his views in perspective to me in an email below. He makes a critical point about our priorities, and that we’re putting the cart before the horse. We’re doing things in the wrong sequence.

We have a *LOT* of struggles to go through before we can get to the splendid part. Here’s Tom’s message. It begins with mentioning Charlottesville. The key here is to understand that modern National Socialists are really operating in conditions like the 1920s, before the NAZIs actually began to make headway. We have a LONG WAY TO GO, and we must do it in the correct sequence. Jan]

Tom Metzger:
I don’t have the details yet but I’m sure it was a bunch of bull shit. I haven’t heard of any of the Bolsheviks being prosecuted. That’s why I keep warning these young guys, don’t fall into these traps, parades and uniforms and bands and so forth. Only exposure and the opposition takes advantage of that to attack you. Same type of operation that went on in Germany before the national socialists took over. They were fighting running battles in the streets and being arrested and thrown into jail. Modern-day so-called national socialists only remember the beautiful parades and marching bands once the NS gain power. They don’t know the sacrifices or pay attention to the sacrifices that they went through for 20 years before they came to power. All these Hollywood Nazis have been raised on Hollywood movies. Like Hitler said at the 1936 party Congress, he addressed thousands. “Where were you in 24? It’s easy to be a national socialist now,” He said. That’s sort of the position we’re in now, and we’ve got a long way to go.

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