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2003: S.Africa: 75 of matriculants won‘t get jobs
75 of school leavers who pass their exams won‘t be able to get jobs!

[This is translated from German. Jan]

October 1, 2018

Already in 2005, long before the current migration flows, the philanthropic US multi-billionaire George Soros and his foundation group «Open Society Foundations» founded twelve other super-rich foundations, the European Programs for Integration and Migration (EPIM) which belongs to the Robert Bosch Stiftung on the German side. With the bundled power of sheer unlimited financial resources, this initiative has since been driven by how the investigative journalist Friederike Beck formulated “to turn Europe into a migration / immigration continent.” (1) The intricate activities of this Soros network were highlighted in the issue The ExpressZeitung (February / 2017) in the article «Migration on schedule» already shown some. This should be continued here in relation to Europe.

Objectives of EPIM

The stated aim of the foundation initiative EPIM is, as its own video (3) states: – to achieve a migration-friendly change of direction of European politics at EU level / – to distribute funds to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who take care of migrants / – these NGOs for to train their activities and to connect them in a network in order to influence the public and politics in the sense of the goals of the foundation

At first glance, it seems humane goals to support financially and argumentatively idealistic people in the NGOs that are committed to helping needy people to fight for a change in a hardhearted demarcation in state and society. But for Soros and his network it’s not about those seeking asylum because of real persecution and the danger of death;In the European countries, they are usually taken care of. In Soros’ terminology, vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, travelers and immigrants are consciously equated. A deliberate distinction is not made between temporary war refugees, those who are politically persecuted and those who are pure poverty migrants. It is about unlimited and unimpeded million-fold immigration of those willing to migrate, as it were a human right, against which the local population has no objection. The events since the summer of last year show how successful Soros and his network have been, especially in Germany.

Advertising NGOs and training

A special advertising film “Why get involved?” (4) calls on NGOs to become involved. He shows that NGOs dealing with “the voice of migrants”, “media and migrants” and “undocumented migrants” end up with a treasure trove of three large treasure chests full of coins. So if you make yourself a lobbyist for such topics, you have less money worries. In this way, the financially always sluggish and charitable aid organizations are lured and then harnessed for the goals of EPIM. If an organization has been accepted as eligible for funding following an application to EPIM, invitations to Brussels or other European capitals begin special training.“We do not just give money to groups, we call them together and develop their skills in workshops,” says Juliet Prager, former EPIM chairwoman. (5) Workshops specifically tailored to each NGO are about improving communicative skills and skills Communication strategies, working with the media, lobbying the EU and creating news for the EU, learning methods of structurally strengthening NGOs (evaluation, fundraising, networking, developing partnerships), reviewing success, creating learning material etc. In addition, special professions such as lawyers and judges are involved in persuasion and training. (5) Although the figures vary according to the source, it is clear that EPIM has built a huge structure: the EPIM network of partners has, according to the involved Robert Bosch Foundation since its inception meanwhile more as a partner to 450 organizations in 45 European countries and migrants’ countries of origin and equipped with finance! In addition, 55 conferences were held and 35 publications were published. (6) According to its own statement, by 2011 EPIM has paid 3.6 million euros to 24 NGOs and 31 projects that are in line with it. 3 million went into ten projects in 2013 – 2015. (7) Friederike Beck lists 67 organizations attached to EPIM’s financial drip; they can be viewed by her. (1)

EPIM headquarters Brussels

Of course, the central political starting point of the EPIM network is Brussels, as more and more national powers have been transferred to the Brussels bureaucracy of the EU superstate. All foundations, which are united under the EPIM umbrella, have a central office in Brussels where they are additionally organized. There all threads go together.The proximity to the EU institutions makes the lobbying work more effective, according to EPIM’s Stefan Schäfers of the “King Baudouin Foundation.” (1) Since 2005, the Soros initiative EPIM has continuously and professionally trained personnel throughout Europe is committed to migration to Europe at many levels. Here the extent of the apparatus, which was built up over years, can only be hinted at. Keep in mind: “Hundreds of organizations and thousands of people use the same training materials, are summoned again and again, speak the same language, use the same key words: A powerful network is at the forefront of lobbying for migration to Europe. to disposal! The fact that NGOs that have long been financed and managed by the super-rich world elite has so far been able to slip away under any media umbrella does not speak for the independence of our media. “(Friederike Beck) (1)

This contribution by Herbert Ludwig appeared in the Express newspaper no. 5, p. 18f. and may appear here with the friendly permission here at the

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“One must not confuse the majority with the truth!”

What people on the part of the media, science, schools and universities, the economy, the experts, the historians, the politicians, studies and other influences is presented to us every day as truth, could in many cases hardly be further away from it!

Lying, even if it has been repeated a thousand times over the decades and affirmed by various institutions, never becomes the truth! But they are believed and upheld and defended by prohibitions, taboos, dogmas and political correctness.

In 2013, Federal President Ueli Maurer rightly stated to the assembled journalists’ guild that economic, thematic and ideological concentration largely governed a media opinion cartel and that there was something like a self-imposed Gleichschaltung in the (Swiss) media landscape.

As a small and independent publisher, we oppose with the ExpressZeitung this Gleichschaltung! Based on verifiable facts and sources, we highlight a wide range of topics and offer interested readers an independent alternative to the “medial unification”. We expressly refuse any political ploy, ideology, and the “divide-and-conquer” game, which has been perfected by the system on the keyboard of power, dividing humanity into ineffective and conflicting groups.

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Source: dieunbestechlichen Translated from German

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