Video: Jews, the Masters of Assassination & Murder


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Tom Metzger told me that the Jews had 2 contracts out to kill him! Tom explains his view that Jews murder anti-communists and white right wingers in the USA. We discuss his many experiences from the past. Tom talks about the dangers posed by retired Israeli military men and Russians who live in the USA.

In this discussion we touched on many topics. We discuss how Irv Ruben and the JDL (Jewish Defence League) murdered someone in the USA and got away with it.

Tom also knew Robert Hanssen one of the most dangerous Soviet spies.

Tom explains why America is too corrupt to save, and that it should rather be destroyed completely by revolution. We talk about dying for what one believes in.

Tom also explains how various people tried to bribe him when he ran for Senator. We discuss how both of us don’t need to do this. Tom says he could have been rich due to some of his military electronics knowledge.

Tom explained to me that democracy was a big failure in ancient Greece, but the Romans did it right by making their Senators give up all their interests before taking up office.

We discuss how the rich, using newspapers and political parties hijack and pervert democracy and our rights. George Washington was against political parties. The Boers had a proper democracy without political parties.

Huey Long was corrupt but he looked after the little people. Trump is a lot like Huey Long.

We discuss how Tom made use of Public Access TV. Tom gives some important security tips for right wingers.

2 thoughts on “Video: Jews, the Masters of Assassination & Murder

  • 1st October 2018 at 4:30 am

    Most of the Jews came from eastern Europe so no suprises why they eventually ended up in Israel. A lot of Jews in Israel served in the Soviet forces during WW2, and some of the notorious formed rape gangs targeting women when Berlin fell into Soviet hands.

  • 30th September 2018 at 9:15 pm

    Great chat. Please ask Tom to read some of “thank you letters” he’s got during the years.


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