11 Pics & Maps: Science: Race is much more than just Skin Color differences


The above graphic is fascinating. It shows people of different races, but with the skin and hair colour removed. Notice how easy it still is to identify the races WITHOUT colour! That is because the DNA differences that result in different skin colours ALSO result in different bone structures and facial features. Liberals, especially the Oprah Winfrey types, love repeating the lie that the only difference between us is “skin colour”. It is only the colour of our skin that is different because we all bleed red, and such nonsense. This is totally untrue. Totally untrue and totally unscientific! The differences between us are much, much, much deeper than our skin colour alone. Our bone structures, our IQ and many other things are different.

Even the way our bodies work to some degree is different. I was reading that black people get less Vitamin D from the sun because of their pigment. Whites get more vitamin D from the sun because of our white skins. So when black people move to northern climates, like the USA, Europe, etc – they suffer from a lack of vitamin D which whites in those same regions do not have.

Similarly, blacks NEVER suffer from sunburn. They can’t get sunburn. But whites get sunburn. Blacks get frostbite much more easily than Whites! It has to do with the climates our races lived in for tens of thousands of years.

Let me show you a few things about race, skin colour, IQ, etc. Race in its simplest form is merely an acknowledgement that all people of the same race are more closely related to each other than they are to another race. So it means that all whites are more closely related to other whites than they are to anyone else. (It could be that we’re not even related at all, if humans came from multiple sources originally – which is also possible).

Here is a map of the skin colour of the world. It is “averaged” out, because there are mixes of races in all countries. Notice the abundance of whites in Europe, Eastern Europe and into Russia.

Here is another skin colour map. They are similar, but with small variations:-

Now let’s look at an IQ map of the world. IQ = Intelligence. See below. There is something really weird on this map. Look at Africa, compared to the rest of the world! Africa is the dumbest continent. What I’m not sure of, in the skin color map is why Australia comes out so dark. It may be that due to the low population density of the outback, that Aborigines feature more, whereas the whites are crammed into the cities? So Australia is “dark” in skin colour but its IQ is quite high.

In Africa, where the skin colour, up to the sahara is dark, you’ll see that IQ is also low. That in Africa, there is a clear link between skin colour and low IQ. Look at how, in the north of Africa, where skin colour becomes lighter, you also find the IQ going up. Its interesting to study whole continents, skin colour and IQ. As a rule, the north of the planet has the lightest/lighter skin colours AND it has the highest IQ! South America is a coloured continent with lots of variations in race. Notice how the southern part has a lighter skin colour and a higher IQ.

It should be clear from this that there is a lot of correlation between skin colour AND intelligence.

Here is another graphic I came across. This has to do with PC (Principal Component) analysis. Using DNA, they can show that people in various regions are clearly genetically related to each other. People who live in different regions are linked to each other by their DNA. The DNA of Europeans is different from that of Asia, or East Asia or Africa.

Somebody constructed this graphic and information below. It looks pretty thorough. The concept of Race = Subspecies is valid. A “Breed” of animals is also a subspecies.

One thought on “11 Pics & Maps: Science: Race is much more than just Skin Color differences

  • 28th September 2018 at 4:40 pm

    The muscle tissue of blacks lies on top of their fat to dissipate heat quickly, whereas the fat content of the Causasians lies on top of the muscle tissue to conserve heat and prevent muscle, tendon, and ligament tears.

    Blacks get ten times more schizophrenia in the west due to lack of Vitamin D3, they are not suited to be here, and they get rickets too when they do not sunbathe or they cover excessive parts of their bodies with clothing due to Islam. But, they say: “I am black enough” and the vast majority never sunbathe, with many foolishly also wearing sunglasses (you need 1.5 hours a day minimum daylihght passing directly into the eyeball to produce serotonin for instance, though the friendly gut bacteria also produce serotonin, that is why depression alsways occurs when anyone takes antibiotics and they need to replenish their gut bacteria with probiotics straight afterwards. Even ordinary glasses, contact lenses, car windscreens and house windows stop the particular wavelength of light neceasssry to stimulate the proces of producing serotonin, though you can get full spectrum lenses to get past that problem (all plants grown under glass actually need specialised full spectrum permitting glass or even plastic with similar properties for optimal growth and health).

    When the Marxists breed black and white together, they create an unnatural being that is neither properly suited to either very hot and sunny climates any longer or very cold and dark climates, and those mulattos that are produced due to the maliciously conceived Coudenhove Kalergi plan of racial interbreeding through heavy propaganda and physical placement together, will gradually succumb to more and more diseases as either mental illness will destroy them and their societies, or many types of physical disease, as Vitamin D3, and more factors produced by direct exposure to sunlight itself, are vital for physical and mental health.Of course, such a creature is ideal as a slave for the Jews, because they will be ignorant, constantly be in need of medical attention from the state, therefore more beholden to the Jewish Big Brother world state intended to come, and thus be more controllable, and their lifespans will be more miserable and short, again, ideal for the Jews as they hate all Gentiles and regard them as only fit to dwell in hell, even in this life.

    The average rate for schizophrenia is 1% general population among Causasians in western nations, but as 10% of blacks suffer schizophrenia in the western nations, then this will help, as planned by the Jews, to cripple the western societies in which they live, and due to lack of Vitamn D3 production, all kinds of mortality will go right up, as Vitamn D3 reduces heart disease, cancer, pathogenic diseases and more, so the Marxist interbreeding program for the different races and species is not for the actual benefit of a single Gentile, as those produced by it will only be able to properly thrive (in a very limited fashion as mentally hobbled slaves under the Jewish plan for world enslavement of all Gentiles under the Noahide Laws etc., in very limited areas on the Earth’s surface. A future world filled with the Jewish-planned Eurasian negroid mix slaves will ensure that such beings cannot care for themselves, and so those slaves will always remain slaves, that is one plan, as AI and robots (unenvisaged by Coudenhove Kalergi) as being developed by DARPA will mean a humanoid robot equal to human intellegence, but vastly stronger and more able, that never sleeps and is completely obedient, will mean total redundancy of even the Coudenhove Kalergi plan in the very near future, as such robots are aimed to be in production in 20 years or so, but the Jews continue the Coudenhove Kalergi plan anyway in the meantime nonetheless, so as to ensure totally broken Gentile societies in the west and more chaos that will help to present a case for worldlwide Jewish government, and of course, at that time, not only the Noahide Laws will be used to exterminate all practicing members of non-Jewish religions, but then, even the surviving Gentiles to be kept as slaves will also be eliminated when they have the robots, and the robots themselves will most likely be doing the killing.

    The figures I quote are from medical researh, but I have not yet seen any figures for schizophrenia for half-caste blacks, or those lighter skinned blacks, the Arabs, though I suppose that their general cultural adherence to ‘black’ behavioural patterns will mean that they also will avoid sunbathing in general, and so they will still suffer increased rates of disease, still suffering at least 5-7 times more incidence of schizophrenia compared with the 10 times more incidence of schizophrenia suffered in western nations by the pure-bred Negroes in the west.

    Basically, the Coudenhove Kalergi plan will actually intensify mortality and mental debility and invaldity for all the intermixed Gentile people living in any but selected areas on the Earth in sub-tropical latitudes, thus producing financial strains and absolute chaos amongst slave society, black on black violence to keep their attention away from their Jew masters.

    Maybe the original studies on ‘black’ people already included lighter skinned black people like Arabs, and that still produced the figure of 10% schizophrenia, so maybe just a bit of brown is the factor that cuts off the vital amount of sunshine the blacks need, and if blacks do sunbathe, of course, they have to sunbathe several times more than we Caucasians do, but we have much less sunshine available in many European natons for one thing, and secondly, who has enough free time to sunbathe several times more than Causasians do? Also, the blacks don’t much like to be exposed to our cooler summers in Europe, and rarely sunbathe. as their bodies cannot keep warm so easily as ours can, that is why, even in summer in England, I can see some Negro people walking around with coats on, but admittedly some will wear just shorts and T-shirts and sunbathe or play soccer etc. in the sun, often with dark glasses on though still.


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