Video: How Dr William Pierce outwitted the Feds and their spies!


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This is my analysis of Dr William Pierce and various things I’ve heard and come across over the years which indicate to me that this brilliant American scientist who became a NAZI did indeed outwit the Feds on many occasions. He probably outwitted them for decades. I mention The Order and their brilliant, violent actions. I discuss the other American genius NAZI, George Lincoln Rockwell whom I regard as the greatest NAZI in the world AFTER WW2. Both these American geniuses need to be studied closely. Each contributed greatly to our race. They survived in the Amerian hell hole where the Jews control everything and the Jews are tremendously powerful. How did they, as common white males, manage to survive and make a difference to our race?

This is related to my video about the Boermag: “Untold Story of South Africa’s Greatest Rightwing Organisation”.

8 thoughts on “Video: How Dr William Pierce outwitted the Feds and their spies!

  • 10th December 2018 at 3:18 am

    I’d say Mathis’ piece on Mullins and Rockwell includes about 40 items of evidence on Rockwell. For example, “the American Nazi Party, … just happened to be founded by a US Naval Commander. That’s right, the American Nazi Party came out of ONI, the Office of Naval Intelligence.” You have about 3 examples, including the name Hebron in some academy. After a few things, you say ‘what a total load of shit’. You of course hide behind a pseudonym. Why don’t you just f*ck off and have a w*nk, if you can manage it.

    • 25th March 2018 at 7:00 am

      What a total load of shit. He’s says that Hebron Academy was Jewish. It’s called Hebron Academy because it was located in Hebron, Maine. Not because it was Jewish. It was founded by Deacon William Barrows who also founded the First Baptist church in Hebron. He then goes on to say that Rockwells wife wa a Jew. Not true. Her mother was Leora Mitchell. His father was Merwyn Aultman. Here is his grave.
      who’s father was the Reverend Daniel Lee Altman. Here’s his grave.
      No one in Rockwell’s family was Jewish.

      • 22nd September 2019 at 8:39 pm

        Randy, are you aware that all those names you mention, such as Mitchel & Altman, are Jewish names.?

  • 1st August 2017 at 2:28 am

    If i would like to join a pro-boer movement as a european how would you recommen i go about?

    • 2nd August 2017 at 3:54 am

      Hi Gustaf,
      I don’t know what to suggest. Do you want to join a pro-Boer movement in South Africa or in Europe?

  • 28th July 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Overall, my observation is that you have been doing admirable work for quite some time.

    All of us at the top are thoroughly pro-White and anti-jew. You seem to have joined us in the past year.

    Meanwhile, I have tolerated your use of the jew-created insult term “Nazi”. Adolf Hitler certainly would not. But now you have gone too far for me.

    On GL Rockwell, he outgrew it. He realized that the USA was not and is not Germany of the 1930s. He excised the term from his organization name. So, you really ought not call him a “Nazi.”

    On William Pierce, he never was a person who identified with that term. Also, he couseled Rockwell to drop it. It is simply and totally wrong to apply that term to Wm Pierce.

    It may be that you are one of a minority who think it is wise to try to seize control of the term “Nazi” from the jews and turn it into a good thing. Since Adolf Hitler, himself, never wrote that term in his books and never said it in his speeches, it is simply wrong for us to use it. The jews have made it synonymous with “devil” and “evil.” Who would be so stupid as to try to turn those into good terms applied to us? The use of “Nazi” by fellow Whites is more of a help than a hindrance to the jew agenda. It is more effective and truthful to always call it what it is: a jew-created term of insult against the great White National Socialist German Workers Party and the best Whites of our White race in the last hundred years.

    Also, if you’ll notice, our best Whites capitalize our terms for our race: White. European. And the best of the best, Aryan. Also, Norse.

    I hope you will accept these points in the friendly pro-White spirit in which they are offered.

    • 31st July 2017 at 1:04 am

      The reason I use NAZI is quite simple. It is because of communication. EVERYONE has heard the term NAZI. Everyone has heard the name Hitler. If you say that word: “NAZI”. Everyone knows you are talking about 1930’s-1940’s Germany with Hitler as the leader.

      If you move away from NAZI then you begin dancing around and the dance goes like this: “I am a NS”. “What is NS?” … then there’s a long discussion explaining what NS is … and then eventually the person will say: But that’s a NAZI! You are telling me about NAZISM.

      I know about the insults, etc. But for communication purposes it is real simple. If you say that word then everyone knows what it means. The only problem you sit with then are the negative connotations of the word. But you are tapping into the worldwide branding of that word. And since the Jews have done a thorough job of branding it, we can rebrand it as a good word.

      I think it cuts to the bone and you get results quickly. The other way is the “politicians way”. Long winded, skirting around things, etc.

      I am aware of Rockwell and Pierce’s differences. I think Rockwell was right about many things. If I had to choose between Rockwell and Pierce, I’d call Rockwell the genius. He knew exactly what he was doing. The people weren’t ready for him. Pierce was right that the people weren’t ready for the harsh truths. But I have deep respect for Rockwell. Militarily he was dead on the money all the way. He was winning in a way nobody ever matched thereafter.


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