16 Pics: 6 September 1966: 52 Years ago today Jewish Communist assassin stabbed Dr Hendrik Verwoerd to death in parliament!


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Today, let’s give a moment’s silence to Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, the finest leader in 342 years of white rule in South Africa! He was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands on 8 September 1901. We was a Professor of Sociology. He even studied in Germany in 1925. He studied in a number of Western countries. He was highly respected in his profession. I can give some proofs that this man was a “closet” National Socialist (NAZI). We’ll get to that when I do a video to analyse both attempts by the Jews to kill him.

In 1936, Verwoerd and other professors stood up against the immigration of German Jews into South Africa! At the start of WW2 he also protested AGAINST South Africa’s entry into the war on the side of Britain! These should be signs that this man was Jew-wise and pro-German. But I will later show you proof that he truly believed in NAZISM for white South Africans!

From wikipedia we read:

In 1936, Verwoerd joined by a group of Stellenbosch University professors protested against the immigration of German Jews to South Africa, who were fleeing Nazi persecution.[16] His efforts in the field of national welfare drew him into politics and in 1936 he was offered the first editorship of Die Transvaler, a position which he took up in 1937, with the added responsibility of helping to rebuild the National Party of South Africa (NP) in the Transvaal. Die Transvaler was a publication which supported the aspirations of Afrikaner nationalism, agricultural and labour rights. Combining republicanismpopulism and protectionism, the paper helped “solidify the sentiments of most South Africans, that changes to the socio-economic system were vitally needed”.[17] With the start of the Second World War in September 1939, Verwoerd protested against South Africa’s role in the conflict when the country declared war on Germany, siding with its former colonial power, the United Kingdom.[18]

Just like the American NAZI, George Lincoln Rockwell, the Jewish communists tried to kill him twice. On the 2nd attempt, Rockwell was snot by a sniper, on the 2nd attempt Verwoerd was stabbed to death in parliament in front of all the whites, and there were Jews like Helen Suzman who sat there and watched.

My Boer NAZI pal told me that he is sure he read that PW Botha, who would later come to be the 2nd last white ruler of South Africa, and whom I got to know personally for a while, rushed across the floor of parliament to Helen Suzman and angrily said to her: “Your people did this!” Unfortunately my Boer NAZI pal could never find where he’d read it. I think he said he’d read it in The Transvaler newspaper – I think.

Verwoerd was shot TWICE in his face by a “white Englishman” named Pratt. By amazing medical feats and pure luck, Verwoerd recovered TOTALLY from this hideous action. Pratt was arrested. Pratt came from a very WEALTHY background. My Boer NAZI pal thinks Pratt might even have been a Jew, though he looks like a very normal “Englishman”.

Pratt, like Lee Harvey Oswald, died rather conveniently. Pratt committed suicide in jail by hanging himself!

In wikipedia we read:

On 9 April 1960, Pratt shot South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd twice, at point blank range, with a .22 pistol. Verwoerd, who had been opening the Union Exposition in Milner Park, Johannesburg, was rushed to hospital, and within two months had made a complete recovery. Pratt was arrested at the scene and taken to the Marshall Square police station, and then to the Forensic Medical Laboratory. He appeared for a preliminary hearing in the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court on 20 and 21 July 1960, once it was clear that the Verwoerd’s injuries were not fatal.

Pratt claimed he had been shooting ‘the epitome of apartheid‘. The court accepted the medical reports submitted to it by five different psychiatrists, all of which confirmed that Pratt lacked legal capacity and could not be held criminally liable for having shot the prime minister. On 26 September 1960, he was committed to a mental hospital in Bloemfontein.

As you will see, BOTH ASSASSINS were regarded by psychiatrists to have been “insane” and incapable of taking responsibility for their actions against Verwoerd!! This is a very suspicious thing that we will return to.

The real assassin to come who did the dastardly deed was Tsafendas, a known Greek communist.

Verwoerd was stabbed to death, extremely expertly, in 14 seconds. Tsafendas knew what to do, so well, that all 4 stabs to Verwoerd, each alone, would have been FATAL. He administered all 4 in 14 seconds, before anyone knew what happened. White politicians tackled him and brought him to the ground immediately. Verwoerd was killed in the early afternoon of this day 50 years ago, in the session just after lunch.

Tsafendas’ first stab went straight into Verwoerd’s heart. When you stab someone in the heart, their entire body immediately becomes paralysed, they cannot even scream. After Tsafendas stabbed Verwoerd in his heart, his face grew pale and he sank backwards in his seat, not a sound coming out of him. Tsafendas proceeded to stab him in his lungs and to slash sideways in his lungs. Clearly, he had been very well trained.

It seems the blood stained carpet was kept by the whites in parliament until 10 years after black rule as a tribute to Verwoerd.

In wikipedia we read:

On 6 September 1966, Verwoerd was assassinated in Cape Town, shortly after entering the House of Assembly at 14:15. A uniformed parliamentary messenger named Dimitri Tsafendas stabbed Verwoerd in the neck and chest four times before being subdued by other members of the Assembly.[53] Four members of Parliament who were also trained doctors rushed to the aid of Verwoerd and started administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation.[54] Verwoerd was rushed to Groote Schuur Hospital, but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Tsafendas escaped the death penalty on the grounds of insanity. Judge Andries Beyers ordered Tsafendas to be imprisoned indefinitely at the “State President’s pleasure”; he died aged 81 still in detention.

Verwoerd’s state funeral, attended by a quarter of a million people (almost entirely white),[55] was held in Pretoria on 10 September 1966, during which his South African flag-draped casket was laid on an artillery carriage towed by a military truck. He was buried in the Heroes’ Acre.[56]

The still blood-stained carpet where Verwoerd lay after his murder remained in Parliament until it was removed in 2004.

Let me share some photos with you with a little bit of commentary:

These 3 men above (left to right) invented Apartheid: Dr Malan (Devout Christian Boer), Strijdom (Boer, “The Lion of the North”) and Dr Verwoerd. They were the first and most determined white leaders to bring Apartheid and true Afrikaner dominance to this country. 

The scum of Time Magazine mocking Verwoerd.

Verwoerd below, meeting others on the day of the first attempt to kill him. He would be shot twice in the face later the same day.

The Englishman (Jew related or Jew befriended) Pratt fires 2 shots into Verwoerd’s face at point blank range. Verwoerd bleeds profusely. He is very, very lucky to escape with his life.

A White Policeman seizes Pratt!

Let’s look at some happy photos of Verwoerd:

Here is Verwoerd and hife wife. They did what all white couples should do, they had 7 children!

27th February 1961: South African prime minister Dr Hendik Frensch Verwoerd waving goodbye with his wife as they leave Cape Town for Pretoria on the first stage of their visit to Britain for the Commonwealth Prime Ministers’ Conference in London. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

Here is Verwoerd and a young PW Botha. PW Botha would go on to become the 2nd last white man to rule South Africa. I knew PW Botha personally and visited him shortly before his death. He told me he was sitting in parliament when Verwoerd was stabbed. He told me, he turned to the white man next to him and said: “Who is that man hitting the Prime Minister?” … that was when Verwoerd was being stabbed to death!!!

14 December 1959. South Africa. PW Botha and Prime Minister Dr. Verwoerd.

The news headlines, the Liberal/Jewish THE STAR newspaper anouncing his death. He was stabbed to death 2 days before his 65th birthday. My Boer NAZI pal told me you’ll find a shocking number of important events in the world happening in September … I’m not sure if that’s a Jewish signal… but you’ll find WW2, 911 and much more happening in September.

Finally, a simple summary of the life of a truly great white man, compared to the piece of communist shit, Nelson Mandela, that came afterwards. Mandela LOVED BY THE JEWS … Verwoerd … HATED BY THE JEWS… and that should give you an idea of how things work in this world. Mandela is a worldwide saint, Verwoerd, hated even by his own race … that’s Jewish global lying for you!

So who killed Dr Verwoerd? Unquestionably Jewish communism.

You see these two men below? Look at the claim below. This is Vorster who became the next Prime Minister after Verwoerd. The other is Van Den Berg, who was to head BOSS (Bureau of State Security) – our version of say the CIA/DIA. The claim below is that they “oversaw” the assassion of Verwoerd.


As a Rhodesian of Boer descent, I’ll say this. I have no time for Vorster. I really disliked him. He was an early convert to the Jewish Soviet agent, Dr Henry Kissinger’s “Detente” with communism. This was total rubbish and it bought time for our enemies. Vorster was under American pressure and Vorster forced us to let black communist scum like Mugabe and others free. We had them in jail. We were told to let them go. They left the country and joined the other black communists to fight us and it caused our destruction. Van Den Berg was a good guy. As far as I can pick up, he did much to protect South Africa. There are a few who dislike him, but he fought communism to the best of his ability.

To claim that they were the men behind the murder of Verwoerd is complete and utter rubbish. This is the same as saying that George Lincoln Rockwell was murdered by his best NAZIs. This is NOT TRUE. ASSASSINATION was NEVER something that the Boer/Afrikaner of SA EVER ENGAGED IN! This is something that had NO PRECEDENT. White Rhodesians, and the Portuguese, similarly, to my knowledge, NEVER assassinated their own. No Boer/Afrikaner in history has assassinated another. 

Assassination, murder, poison … this is the tool of the Jew, and a tool used intensely by Jewish communism EVERYWHERE against whites, blacks and asians. 

I will return and will show you in a video, who EXACTLY was behind the death of Verwoerd and you’ll see that a Jew was the man behind BOTH assassination attempts. You’ll see that JEWS were the scum who were working with the blacks and who were ardent COMMUNISTS working to break the power of the Boer/Afrikaner. The one man who was their firmest and most competant enemy was Verwoerd, and like that other fine white man, Rockwell, he had to DIE … because he was far too EFFECTIVE and DANGEROUS as an enemy. You could NOT beat this man. He was too clever, too firm, too determined. The others by comparison, who came after him were weaklings. But Verwoerd was a true WHITE WOLF, just like the German leaders! A Dutch White Wolf, a HERO of our RACE! Jan




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