Jewish Germany: Alfred Schaefer thrown in jail! His Threats & USA: Time to exterminate the Kike Jew!

[This is more about Alfred and the Jewish hell he and his sister are in, in Germany. This is a software translation. So some things might need clarification.

Holore religion = Holocaust Religion.

The term “Rule of Law” when the Jews are around is a total joke. I just cannot believe how honest, German men and women can be thrown into jail one after the other. These are people who never committed the slightest crime in their lives. But in Germany, they are hounded into jails, one after the other.

Haftbefehl = Court Order.

Wahrheitsfindung = “Truth finding”

The jailing of Alfred for “threats” is merely the system coming out and kicking him around. The truth is that Alfred’s “threats” are empty. They are not threats, but warnings of what the revolution will be like once Germans wake up to the facts. Jailing him is actually pointless because its not as if Alfred or anyone linked to him is actually threatening anyone. They are just throwing him in jail to show him whose the boss.

It is sad that Alfred’s postcards to members of his family resulted in them rushing off to the law. That is such a back-stab from his own family. However, I have discovered over the years of doing political activism that you are on your own when you discover the truth. I have problems with my own family in this regard. Nobody ever supported me. Its the same for anyone else who wakes up to the Jew. Other whites have told me the same stories. What it really shows is the FEAR among others. Their FEAR that they will go and report their own family members to the Police and then stand in court and testify against their own family members. Its very sad that this is happening. However, this is no reflection on Alfred. I’m afraid, we all face this problem everywhere.

Alfred won’t harm a fly. That is mentioned by his friend who wrote the article below. Alfred is trying to shake people awake in Germany. But the stupid judges now use this as an excuse to say he is “threatening” them. He’s just a lone white man, standing up for himself in a system wherein he knows up front he will NOT be treated fairly. So the system can simply grab him and throw him in jail on the weak excuse that he is some kind of threat – which all of us know he IS NOT! Alfred won’t carry out any violence. Alfred won’t harm the stupid judges or Police or court officials. But they don’t like him speaking as he is, and so they’re just slapping him in jail BECAUSE THEY CAN. 

The key take-away for ALL WHITES, is that the system is now turned against you. In Germany its over “holocaust denial”. In South Africa its over “racism and apartheid”. But we whites know that we don’t stand a chance because we’ve been declared criminals up front. Ultimately, all whites, everywhere, need to realise that this system has been hijacked by the Jew and now we are criminals in the countries in which we reside, even though, not one of us harmed anyone; nor stole anything; nor broke the law. But for the Germans, innocence doesn’t apply. They will be going to jail and that’s all there is to it. 

All whites need to realise that this system needs to be changed or destroyed if we as a race are to survive. Jan]

Alfred Schaefer arrested again
endederluege General July 7, 2018
The article in Russian – Статья – на русском языке

On Friday, July 6, 2018, Alfred Schaefer was arrested at 2 pm in his
apartment. Since this is his second arrest, within a week, we should
inform the public in a little more detail about the connections.

On Monday, Alfred Schaefer was arrested during the Inquisition trial,
which is all about videos, because he was talking about the sweet Pavlov
in Nuremberg.

The chairman Inquisitor – or to put it more clearly the backers – wanted
to chastise and punish Alfred. Finally, he has broken all taboos and
declared all dogmas of the Holore religion invalid. For this you have to
burn – according to Talmudic rules. (He who now believes that the
Satanic disciples would not go that far is mistaken!)

On Tuesday a judge – I now simply claim that he is a decent person –
decided that Alfred could not be left in custody for this new charge.
Probably the organizers of the Inquisition, therefore the course was set
for even greater anger. An animal-loving Holocaust denier must not – as
B’nai Brith wants it – simply walk around outside in the Federal
Republic of Germany. (The term “free” would not fit here)

Now plan “B” has been devised. Alfred now becomes a “threatening subject”.

Before you can familiarize yourself with the reasons for your arrest, I
would like to outline a brief exchange of words from the 4th Inquisition
Day. Because here the Inquisitor already alluded to the reasons for his
arrest. The vicarious agent had not reckoned with Alfred’s dashing and
completely logical answer. And everything continues to be turned down
the way it is needed to simulate “rule of law”.

Chairman: Mr Schaefer, you always claim that you are just warning people
and that it is not a threat to you. How do you explain this?
Alfred Schaefer: I would like to explain it to you using an example. If
you come to me and tell me that you want to swim across Lake Starnberg
in December, I have to tell you that you will die. It’s just too cold to
swim the lake in December. If you take this warning as a threat, it’s
your problem. Don’t listen to me, you just die.

But now to the reasons for imprisonment:

H a f t b e f e h l

Against the accused

Alfred Erhard Schaefer
born on 30.01.1955 in Seefeld,
resident at Alpspitzstraße 6, 82327 Tutzing,
Nationality: German and Canadian,
Marital status: married,

pre-trial detention is ordered.

The defendant is strongly suspected of the following facts:

(Here are now 6 pages of text from the indictment, which we will publish
at a later date)

There is a reason for the danger of suppression of evidence pursuant to
§ 112 Paragraph 2 No. 3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, since the
conduct of the defendant gives rise to the urgent suspicion that he will
act on evidence and thereby make it more difficult to ascertain the
truth. A postcard with a portrait of the accused Monika Schaefer with
her violin/violin was sent to the complainant (censored here), who
explicitly asked to keep his anonymity after the complaint was filed.
Below is “Freedom for Monika Schaefer”.

It befindet itself following text on the back of the postcard: “Hi
Lorenz”, “The Jew loves treason but hates the traitor. Did you know
that? “We also ask you to maintain our anonymity.” The postcard was sent
to the address of the complainant, the sender is “Alfred Schaefer,
Alpenspitzstraße 6, 82327 Tutzing”. The postcard was sent from Letter
Center 82. This is the letter center in Starnberg, the one responsible
for Tutzing. Only attorney XXXX (Pflichtverteidiger of the accused Monika
Schaefer) and attorney XXXXX (electoral defender of the accused Alfred
Schaefer), who were involved in the proceedings, received access to the
files – in addition to the courts dealing with the case. The defendant
Monika Schaefer has been in uninterrupted custody since January 4, 2018.
The postcard has a postmark from 02.07.2018. It follows from these
circumstances that the postcard can be attributed to the accused Alfred
Schaefer as the author. A postcard similar to the one received by the
complainant (censored here) was also received by the other complainant,
Mr XXXX, who also asked for anonymity.

The attempt by Einflussnahme to intimidate and threaten those involved in
the proceedings by the accused Schaefer contained in the postcard/s is
supported by previous threats and Einflussnahmeversuche. The trial
against the accused Alfred Schaefer and the accused Monika Schaefer
began on 02.07.2018. Before the trial began in Nuremberg, the accused
threatened the trial court – called “Inquisition” by him there and
during the trial – by saying: “Do they really want to incur the fury
that will arise, because they will hang on their neck until death if
they plead guilty to us”. This is the consequence of the anger of the

The taking of evidence to date has also shown that threats are inherent
in the nature of the accused. The videos so far taken in Augensohein,
entitled “9/11 Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition German subtitels”
(paragraph 1) and “Ende der Lügen Deutsch 9/11 Brainwashing series pt4″
(paragraph 6), which the defendant describes as his “productions,
contain repeated threats made by him. For those on the wrong side, there
will be an[imminent] end.

That the threats made against dissenters by the accused Alfred Schaefer
and the resulting aggressive general mood had or has already had an
effect on third parties became clear on 4 July 2018 when a spectator
influenced the highly pregnant meeting representative of the public
prosecutor’s office and wished her to see a prison from the inside and
then drop dead if she left it.

It follows from all this that the accused Schaefer has repeatedly tried
to persuade those involved in the proceedings to his advantage at
beeinflussen, although it is to be expected that this behaviour will
continue in the course of the proceedings.

The hearing of evidence is not yet complete. The defendant has not yet
made a final statement on his responsibility. Meanwhile, in addition to
having a look at the other videos, we have yet to hear the expert XXXXX,
who evaluated the above-mentioned videos and will be able to make a
significant contribution to Wahrheitsfindung

Even when the principle of proportionality is taken into account (§ 112
Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure), a pre-trial
detention order is required. Another, less drastic measure does not
currently promise success (§ 116 StPO).

To enter into the evaluation of these “grounds for arrest”, it should be
mentioned here that none of the present witnesses of 4.07.2018 remember
the following “addition” of the spectator:

“[…] and then dropped dead when she left it.”

Neither can anyone remember having identified a “highly pregnant”
prosecutor. By the way, it would be simply irresponsible to use a
“highly pregnant woman” in a high-security wing – which this part of the
court building represents. Although, in the FRG – NATO – troop there are
meanwhile also tanks for “highly pregnant”…..

Whether the statement of the spectator was particularly polite with
regard to the above mentioned person does not have to play a role here.
In this country, Germans are tyrannized, persecuted, raped and murdered
because the regime’s vicarious agents seek only their own advantage and
accept German victims in an approving manner.

What is really interesting about these remarks in the grounds for
detention, however, is the following. What Alfred Schaefer always warns
against – that it will be unpleasant when the betrayed wake up – seems
to have happened in this case. But in this case it was quite harmless.
The emerging reactions of the “rabid citizens”, who honestly try to find
a peaceful solution and warn the helpers of terror against these
reactions, is simply Jewish dialectic à la Talmud!

This also applies to the postcards accused of Alfred to the denunciators
from his family. Unfortunately, it does not emerge from the reason for
his arrest – because Alfred is to be portrayed as the “devil” to justify
his pre-trial detention – that the denunciators actually come from his
own family. In other latitudes or cultures – ISLAM is declared
“belonging” to the FRG to us in the FRG – traitors from the own family
would probably be treated somewhat “more moderately”.

To draw the attention of these denunciators to the ancient wisdom that
“the Jew loves betrayal, but not the traitor,” is, in my eyes, not
nearly a “threat.

And now, in conclusion, I would like to refer to the accusation of the
threat Alfred is alleged to have made in Nuremberg. Certainly, if you
give the magistrate only the one sentence of the speech

“Do they really want to incur the rage that comes, for they will hang by
the neck to the death when they plead guilty to us.”

in the grounds for his imprisonment, he – even if he is a decent judge –
cannot decide otherwise than he wants to. Because only if Alfred is
portrayed as the “devil”, i.e. worked with emotions, can one also drive
decent people to make decisions that they would otherwise perhaps make

Alfred stated in his speech that there are many files in which the
evidence of the heinous machinations of the Jewry is listed. Now that
the process has been rolled up, there are more. And then something very
decisive follows, which precedes the listed sentence:

No one who now realizes what is going on can claim that he did not know
it – not a single one. And they then have to decide for themselves
personally, as human beings, do they really want to attract the anger
that now arises? Because if they find us guilty, they’ll be hanging on
our necks till they die.

In the USA – because they are blinded by the censorship here and do not
understand it – in the USA the screams are louder and louder: is Time to
exterminate the Kike.

Alfred did in this speech exactly what he always did in his videos. He
tries to shake people awake so that they recognize the danger as danger.
It shows very clearly what will come out of popular anger when the
betrayed are driven deeper and deeper into the spiral of violence,
dehumanisation and moral decay. He has repeatedly stressed that it is
precisely the judges, prosecutors, policemen and other servants of the
regime who must decide for themselves on which side they wish to stand
if an outbreak of violence cannot be prevented. Transforming these
admonishing words into a threat is only possible again for those who are
capable of mumbling – the Jewish string-pullers behind the puppets of
the FRG Violence.

There will be another detention test on Thursday. We wish the judge who
is to decide on further detention that he actually deals with the case
beforehand. Because if he does this and is not a wheeler, he must set
Alfred – the same applies to Monika – on free foot.


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