8 Pics: WW2 Photos Faked to pretend Germans were committing atrocities!

[Here are some interesting photos I found on a blog that was dealing with Stalin’s Torch-men Order. In those days they did not have digital editing of photos like we have. I don’t know the exact techniques they used. But they were able to use parts of photos. Perhaps they cut parts out of photos and could then develop them together to make them appear as one photo? That seems to be the method employed.

Some of these photos are very obvious nonsense like the attempt to show someone being hung from the gun of a tank. Look at these examples below.

This is no different to the lies told about us whites in Africa by the Jews/Blacks/Communists/Liberals; except in the case of WW2 Germany, they went a LOT FURTHER! Jan]

If the Jewish Bolsheviks were purposely sacrificing people in these ways, to create anti-German propaganda, there is no doubt they would have photographed these horrors, to drive the message home.
No doubt, from this time originate the “famous” atrocity Photos of mass-executions which are the favourites in the press.
Furthermore, this does not align with the Official ‘Holocaust’ narrative, of the Germans going to great extent to conceal their crimes by burning records and millions of bodies, which is one of the excuses as to why the Allies could not find any evidence to the purported mass gassings of internees. The ‘Official’ narrative would have us believe that the Germans (in the middle of war) hunted through millions of documents to dispose of records by burning them, but leave hundreds of incriminating photographs accessible for the world to see?

Additionally, the single shot to the back of the neck/head, was the method and training of the Cheka and NKVD, for singular executions.


The fear and hate hysteria created from imagery, was not just limited to performing in front of the camera… simply manipulating the imagery by superimposing over innocent photo’s for the desired effect, was also utilised… here is just a small example of many.

photoshop propaganda


Source: https://20thcenturytruth.wordpress.com/stalins-order-0428-a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words-is-it-really/

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