WW2: February 1936: The Jews were plotting a European War…

Last week I was feeling a bit tired and burned out. The last 2 months have been quite intense and I felt a bit worn out.

But last week, as part of a new tip-off regarding The Great Jewish Masque, trying to get to the source of it, I came upon this. This is part of a magazine that The Great Jewish Masque had been printed in, before it became a booklet.

Check out the front cover of this American magazine from February 1936? Look at them warning that the Jews have been plotting a European war!!! They went into more detail! They said that the Jews had given the order even to all the Free Mason Lodges that they controlled worldwide, that a war in Europe had to be made to happen by any and every means!

So I thought I’d just share this headline from 1936 which shows clearly that there were some whites, in this case Russians living in America, who actually KNEW that the Jews were hard at work fomenting a war to destroy Germany!

So who is responsible for 100 million people dying worldwide in WW2? The Jews….

I also posted some excellent quotes from Mike King of the Tomato Bubble where famous people said that the Jews were behind WW2. In there is a quote from Henry Ford where he says he has the facts that the Jews also started WW1!

WW1 killed 50 million people and many millions of white men died there.

So the total death toll in 2 “World Wars” is 150 million. But the Jews are responsible for even more deaths! An almost equal or greater number of people who died under communist revolution in Russia, China and elsewhere. So in little over a century … the Jews have been responsible for the deaths of at least 300 million or 350 million people worldwide, and tens of millions of them, perhaps 100 million of them (I’m guessing) were whites!

Just let that sink in! Just ponder that.

Here’s the link to the post I did on Mike King’s excellent article: Jews started WW2: It took 6 years to drive whites into WW2! – Also: JFK’s Father & Spain – http://historyreviewed.best/?p=7710

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