Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 6 – Who was the mysterious Author?


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I did some real digging into this amazing little book. Who really wrote this book? I disagree with Metapedia and give the reasons why the author can’t be Arnold Leese.

What, if anything can we verify regarding the complex statements in this book?

I discovered another possible proof that this author was right. It concerns the Jewish claim of Solomon’s Stables.

I also revisit my previous discoveries regarding King Solomon’s Temple and The Letter of Aristeas.

What of the strange words used like: shofer, contumely, claque and mummers?

I discuss my Boer Pagan pal’s discovery of “shofar” instead of “shofer”. This makes much more sense with regard to the text.

I track the book back to a defunct publication: The American Gentile.

But that’s not the end… After I did this video I did more digging and was astounded by what I found. So there’s much more to come!!

As my Boer Pagan pal says: “The Great Jewish Mask”, the gift that keeps on giving!!

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