Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 5 – Summary with the late Nick Spero (Circus Maximus) & Jan


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The Great Jewish Mask is about a deception that the Jews engaged in from 430 BC to the present day. The Jews invented a grand, but nonexistent history for themselves & it has fooled the world from then until now.

The late Nick Spero did an excellent interview with me, wherein we discussed The Great Jewish Mask and its importance.

I met Nick on Twitter where he used the name Circus Maximus. He did excellent posts on Twitter and had a good following of well over 3,000 people. Nick was very impressed with the video series I did: The Great Jewish Mask based on the fascinating little book published in 1936.

The series clearly made a big impression on Nick and he interviewed me and we had a long discussion about it. He published this on Youtube.

Nick died in 2018 and there are questions around his death. Dion Wehrwolf and I were suspicious about it too and here’s a link to the article I wrote about it: IMPORTANT: Did the Jews murder Renegade’s Nick Spero aka Circus Maximus? – 2nd suspicious Renegade death in a year? –

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