Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 5 – Summary with the late Nick Spero (Circus Maximus) & Jan

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Video: Jews explain that they own and control HISTORY! They will smear their enemies FOREVER
In this video we study something that Jews do behind the scenes. We look at Jews trying to silence someone with a private meeting and threats. I analyse what exactly the Jews say, and what it means. Once you understand this youll realise that Jews have poisoned ALL of WESTERN HISTORY! Youll never view history or the conclusions about anyone in history, the same ever again.

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The Great Jewish Mask is about a deception that the Jews engaged in from 430 BC to the present day. The Jews invented a grand, but nonexistent history for themselves & it has fooled the world from then until now.

The late Nick Spero did an excellent interview with me, wherein we discussed The Great Jewish Mask and its importance.

I met Nick on Twitter where he used the name Circus Maximus. He did excellent posts on Twitter and had a good following of well over 3,000 people. Nick was very impressed with the video series I did: The Great Jewish Mask based on the fascinating little book published in 1936.

The series clearly made a big impression on Nick and he interviewed me and we had a long discussion about it. He published this on Youtube.

Nick died in 2018 and there are questions around his death. Dion Wehrwolf and I were suspicious about it too and here’s a link to the article I wrote about it: IMPORTANT: Did the Jews murder Renegade’s Nick Spero aka Circus Maximus? – 2nd suspicious Renegade death in a year? –

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