A New Jewish Trick (lie): Claiming to be leaving the UK, over and over again…


[This story was doing the rounds on the social media. I sent it to Alison Chabloz in the UK saying: “Jews are buggering off”. Then Alison showed me that this is the same Jewess. And they ran a story on her in 2017. Life is too good for these scum. They get it too easy. They get full page news stories on their apparent “plight”. Meanwhile common whites are shut up if they dare question anything about the Jewish filth. Notice she’s a “business woman”. So she’s probably loaded. And she also said “I feel so British”. The Jews say the same thing everywhere. Here in South Africa my Jewish pal said: “We are loyal to the country we live in”. Yeah Yeah. I’m sure you are. If this Jewish piece of scum was leaving the UK and looking for property in Israel then why is she still here almost a year later continuing to say how hard done by she is?

I noticed that when a few thousand Jews left France, that they were going on and on about how bad it was, but in reality very few actually left. The BAD NEWS FOR WHITES WAS THAT VERY FEW ACTUALLY LEFT!  MOST STAYED! That’s because life in the Western world is far too good for the Jewish garbage. None of them really want to live in Israel. They’d rather see what they can steal from whites in the West. Life is so damned lucrative for them!

The Jewish filth are treated far too well and the upper-classes in Britain and the USA and in Europe look after the garbage. They’re safer than you or I will EVER be in our lives. Jan]

Here’s the 2018 headline with the same Jewish woman:

‘We no longer feel safe in Britain. Anti-Semitism is forcing us to leave our home’

Mandy Blumenthal says she's feels 'at risk' in Britain, despite having grown up here

 Mandy Blumenthal says she’s feels ‘at risk’ in Britain, despite having grown up here CREDIT: JEFF GILBERT 

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/no-longer-feel-safe-britain-anti-semitism-forcing-us-leave-home/

Then in 2017 we have the same woman talking her Jewish shit:

Mandy Blumenthal, 52, pointed the finger at Jeremy Corbyn for ‘giving oxygen’ to Jew haters by failing to punish racist outbursts

A Jewish businesswoman whose father was Lord Mayor of Birmingham is leaving Britain, blaming anti-Semitism in politics and the failure of the authorities to enforce the law.

Mandy Blumenthal, 52, pointed the finger at Jeremy Corbyn for ‘giving oxygen’ to Jew haters by failing to punish racist outbursts from his supporters.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4813496/Jewish-businesswoman-52-leaving-UK-anti-Semitism.html

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