The Wisdom & Inspiration of General Patton – Also: What he said about the Germans!

[General Patton is one of the most amazing white men to come out of America. A man white Americans can rightly be extremely proud of. In the end, he showed himself to be a man of honour. A man of the truth. He carried out the stupid tasks he was assigned to, and then he realised he’d been had. When he stood up for the truth … he paid the price for it with his life. Here are some brilliant quotes from a very fine white man.

NB: Among his quotes are ones that I think are inspirational and show a zest for life. I agree with his viewpoint that it is better to fight for something than to live for nothing. I also like his quote about the supreme measure of a man!

His quotes about executing violent plans or facing the unknown show clearly that he has studied his military history well. ALL WHITE MEN NEED TO DO THIS! THIS IS CRITICAL FOR OUR SURVIVAL IN THE NEAR AS WELL AS DISTANT FUTURE! WE MUST BECOME WARRIORS AGAIN! Jan]



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