Germans, the founders of Protestant Christianity have been abandoning it! – Christianity dying among Whites globally!

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[Nietzsche, the German philosopher, said that “God is dead” and he based it on science and evolution. He said that it would take a few centuries to die. It turns out he saw the future clearly!

I want to draw your attention to this chart of religion in Germany. Look at the percentage of Christians in Germany. The Germans were massively Christian, much like the Boers are here in South Africa. If you look at the percentages (despite the fluctuating population), you’ll see there was a small, but definitely noticeable drop in Christianity before WW2.

But the really huge drop took place from the 1960s onwards. This is inline with the trend across Europe.

Probably the greatest, bloodiest Christian war in all history, the Thirty Years war, was fought on German soil centuries again. 30% of the population died in Christianity’s World War which was in Germany! The Germans are the founders of Protestantism and they were ardent Christians. But that has been changing.

In the USA the Jews have been zinging up the Christians and turning them into Israel-maddened fools – Christian Zionists ready to sell out the USA for Israel or happy to die for Israel! Their lying preachers are teaching them that they must help the Jews or else God will punish them! (My Jewish pal in Israel used that quote out of the Bible often on me. Typical Jewish garbage. Jan]

Here is a chart of how Christianity is declining in the USA:

Now look at Christianity in Germany from 1910 to 2011.

If the text in this image is too small then click on it to zoom in and see it more clearly


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