Proof of what really happened to the Jews in NAZI Germany before WW2!!!

[I was taking a look at religion in Germany over the past 100 years when I spotted something that corroborates what I’d heard from others. There was a South African who used to have a website called Adolf the Great. He told me that according to his research 70% of the Jews left Germany BEFORE WW2!

I was looking at religion in Germany because it seemed to me that Germans really used to be massively Christian. There are many Christians who are trying desperately to portray Hitler as a Christian. It seemed to me that Germans were massively Christian and that is why Hitler had no choice but to accept Christians into his party. And interestingly, the trend in Christianity in Germany has been a long downhill. So Germans have learned to abandon it.

But while looking at these numbers, I saw other numbers that show quite clearly what happened to the Jews!!

Just as Hitler had indicated, there were stacks of Jews in Germany at the time of WW1! It is these Jewish scum who were also close to the Kaiser (whom Hitler regarded as an idiot). It is these Jews who also gave Germany the big “back stab”. In fact, the Boers and Whites of South Africa should wake up to the fact that we too were given a nice bunch of backstabs from “our Jews” in South Africa! They were working with the enemy, especially black communists like Nelson Mandela and to this day the whites don’t seem to have figured this out! The Germans after WW1 quickly figured out that they were knifed in the back by the Jews.

So if you look at this table below you’ll see the real story of the Jews in Germany. Look at the number of Jews in Germany in 1910 and how that number dropped by 1925! Jews were already leaving Germany! Then look at 1933 when Hitler came to power and 1939 when WW2 officially started. Look at the drop in Jews between 1933 and 1938! Most of Germany’s Jews left during the time Hitler took over! But remember there was no “holocaust” before WW2. Even if you believe the Jewish and Allied lies, you’ll know that “the holocaust” only took place at some mythical time during WW2. They often claim it happened in 1942! So 63.9% of the Jews left Germany between 1910-1939!! If you look at the 500,000 Jews in Germany in 1933, you’ll see that 55.6% of them left in the 6 years of Hitler’s rule! So the vast number of Jews left Germany BEFORE WW2!!

Interestingly, we see in 2011 that 84,000 Jewish scum are back in Germany. But, the good news is that its a LOT LESS than in 1910! So I must conclude that Hitler did good for Germany because the percentage of Jews in Germany now, 100 years later is a *LOT* LESS than in his time. So that can only have been good for Germans! No doubt more of the scum are busy moving into Germany again in recent years. This chart comes from wikipedia. So it shows you how few Jews were in Germany at the start of WW2.

You might wonder why the Jews were leaving Germany during Hitler’s rule up to 1939? Well that is because Germany was a hotbed of Jewish communist activity and Hitler was cracking down on it. You’ll find many South African Jews arrived here in the period 1935-1939. You’ll see it in their bios on the Internet that their scumbag mommy and daddy left Germany in those years! None of the Jewish filth were “holocausted” as they claimed! Typical lying filth. Jan]

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5 thoughts on “Proof of what really happened to the Jews in NAZI Germany before WW2!!!

  • 8th December 2018 at 1:09 am

    According to David Irving, the well-known window protest against Jews was on a Saturday morning. Only a Saturday morning. This was just propaganda for Americans reading the Jewish ‘news’ and had pretty much no impact.

  • 9th October 2018 at 8:49 pm

    Jan , I think you should watch Europa – The last battle ……………it is about 10 hours long in detailed sections , quite right and gives us a good perspective of who and what was going on , not the biased Jewish prescribed history as normally seen . It will also show that the Jews were not so much the problem as the Zionists ie, the bankers , industrialists , communists etc in Germany and Bolsheviks in Russia ,. It also confirms that those were labour camps and not death camps , also there were 150 000 Jews in the German army who also didnt agree with their Zionist brothers and were prepared to take up arms against them. So you have to draw a line somewhere , the same with our stupid blacks , some of them are doctors from MEDUNSA and are a lot more clever than most of us and not all are killers or communists. Anyway , please do watch it and I would highly recommend it to all your readers . Greets from Belize.

    • 10th October 2018 at 4:27 am

      Thanks for your comments. I’ll try to get to the Europa video. But I have many dozens to go through.
      I don’t like splitting Jews and zionists. If you do that, then you’re starting a new problem – an escape hatch for the Jews.
      Alex Linder says it correctly. Jews fight us as a group, we must fight them as a group. Ditto for the blacks.

  • 25th June 2018 at 9:31 am

    I find it really difficult to read your articles, Jan, EVEN the ones that really interests me for this one reason… you cannot say or write anything without first throwing in a dose of christian-hating propaganda. When will you accept the fact that if you want to reach the Boers with your information, you have to stop this ‘Christianity is stupid, so why don’t you wake up and abandon your faith’ rhetoric. We are inherently Gods own Volk and can be nothing else! We choose to be loyal to the God of our Fathers because IN IT WE WILL RETAIN OUR IDENTITY. The Boers were NEVER pagan, and if you do not know that, then you do not know our history.

    • 26th June 2018 at 7:24 pm

      The King James Bible in England was published c. 1611 – before the Civil War, and before Jews were allowed to form the Bank of (((England))). Presumably much the same happened with translations of psychopathic jew nonsense into Dutch. Your fathers should have had the sense to jettison the rubbish, or modify their beliefs not to be subservient to Jews.


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