Racist Game: 5 Little Nigger Boys – My Gun when I was a kid in Rhodesia…

Take a good look at the little gun in the photo below.

When I was a kid, I was the youngest of 4. And I “inherited” various toys that were lying around. One of the toys we had endless amounts of fun with was that little gun you see there. It was EXACTLY like that gun – even the same colours. But I never knew where that gun came from. That gun could shoot elastic bands. Oh boy did we have fun with it. And it was quite rugged. We used different sized elastic bands and even used multiple elastic bands and I even figured out a way to make it “fire on automatic” by putting multiple bands on it! It never broke. When other kids came to visit we played with it.

But there was nobody who had anything like that little elastic-firing gun. You couldn’t buy it anywhere.

It was only now, while working on the Internet that I found the source of this little gun! It comes from a game in the USA called: 5 Little Nigger boys!!! So it looks as if you shoot the little nigger boys with this elastic firing gun!!!

So I assume that my brother or some other kid must somehow have had the game at some time. But I never saw the game. Anyway, that rugged little gun gave us many hours of pleasure.

In the topmost photo check out the “watermelon coon” which you seem to shoot at using a pellet gun!! Hahahaha

White Americans were BLOODY RACIST once upon a time!! Too bad they’re not that way any more! We need to return to many of these old habits!  Life was much more fun then.

In Rhodesia and South Africa white kids played Cowboys and Indians. We had our 6 shooters and we had fun killing Indians! Nobody wanted to be the Indians! We wanted to be the whites who kill the Indians! And we had a lot of fun playing Cowboys and Indians in the Wild West (in Africa!) We loved killing the Indians, and we had no guilt complexes about any of this! We were happy, and our boyish instincts were to kill our enemies and WIN!


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