BIG BLACK LIES ABOUT APARTHEID! The lie that Whites killed MILLIONS of Blacks!

[A Boer on Twitter makes some very important points. Here in South Africa, black Govt ministers have even said in Parliament that Apartheid killed MILLIONS of blacks. This is a total lie. The truth is that the Boers DID HAVE the means to kill millions of blacks if they had wanted. But their Christianity prevented them from ever using it! Here are the numbers as told even by Liberal Professors. I’ve come across these numbers before.

Speaking for myself, as a Rhodesian & a Boer; I am all in FAVOUR of killing blacks by the million, in fact, by the TENS OF MILLIONS in the future if we whites are threatened. Next time, we whites must stop pussy-footing around, take off the gloves and FIGHT FOR ALL WE ARE WORTH and kill as many blacks as we possibly can. None of this softy, softy, Apartheid, Christian-pulling-punches nonsense. I say, let’s get in there with a will and determination to FIGHT and KILL for all we are worth – no holds barred. Jan]

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