6 Pics: Democrat Memes: Democrat: A Person too stupid to know they’re a Communist!

[I laughed a lot at these memes. I found other similar ones. Very true. Democrat and "Liberal” in the USA are just synonyms for Communist! Jewish Communism is at work in the USA! As Alex Linder says: Politics is just a Jewish fun house! Jan]

3 thoughts on “6 Pics: Democrat Memes: Democrat: A Person too stupid to know they’re a Communist!

  • 10th November 2018 at 2:45 pm

    Socialism is not the way. If I am forced to go this far left , the line will be drawn at NATIONAL socialism though for me. Millions will die though in the process as always and the Bolshevik power will not stop until you take the last step to the left into their field. So, do not go down the path of the left. You are allowing your justified hatred towards ((())) to get you to do exactly what the ((())) wants you to do. The anti Semite will become our greatest asset/friend/TOOL. Theodore Herzle. You may want to rethink this Jan. I understand the frustratio., My life has been utterly destroyed well over a decade ago because of the fight. They destroy us financially. It is a soft form of slavery to their system. The solution is for the world to not accept their counterfeit money.If the world rejects their currency in favor of their own currency then they have no power and just a pile of useless pieces of paper with no value . Does this sound familiar to you , Sir? It is exactly what they do to us . This IS the only solution and all that is needed to do.Not one shot needs to be fired. Why waste the ammo, you will need it when the communist UN attacks you for this one simple and easily performed task is implemented.I believe you should study usury more thoroughly as it is the problem and is easily solved. The communist central banks need to be refunded and that is the only way to do it. Sure, they have plenty of resources stockpiled but as long as no one accepts their notes eventually they use the resources stockpiled and can get nothing else. At that point you can call end of game as they are no threat anymore. Think about it clearly and do not allow your uncontrolled hatred to cloud your judgement on this. Why do you think they protect the bank at all cost? It IS the Achilles heel to the entire communist (((())))) plan. Did not Marx even claim this in the communist manifesto? Of course he did. Pay attention to what they say as this is how to win the war on gentiles.

    • 11th November 2018 at 4:53 pm

      The socialism of the Germans is completely different to the junk communism/socialism of Jewish Bolshevism.

      Like you I once thought all socialism is bad. I completely differ now. I think socialism the way the NAZIs practised it may be the greatest economic system ever invented. I will do more on it. But I’ve already published some charts and stats. The greatest economic system EVER INVENTED is National Socialism as practised by Hitler. There has never been such a high standard of living for whites. It pulled off feats in a few years that no other nation could pull off in decades.


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